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Local Restaurants Receive Community Support for All-Alcohol License Upgrades [Video]

Dozens of residents, business owners, and restaurateurs listened to local restaurants who are applying for an upgrade to an all-alcoholic beverage license. Presenting in hopes of gaining community support, seven North End restaurants are vying for one of the eight remaining upgrades that are currently available from the City of Boston. 

Maria Lanza from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services chaired the meeting, allowing each applicant a maximum of twenty minutes to speak. The applicants are applying to upgrade their current beer/wine and cordials license to an unrestricted all-alcohol license.  The upgrade would not only allow establishments to serve hard liquor in addition to beer/wine and cordials, “unrestricted” makes the license applicable anywhere in the city. Each license that is awarded the upgrade to all-alcohol would be exchanged for the existing beer/wine and cordials license, which goes back to the city.

Each presentation went through the history of their respective restaurant(s) and their personal experience running a restaurant in the neighborhood. Many owners spoke about their proven track record, cleanliness, involvement in the community, and commitment to the neighborhood. Patrons, employees, and community residents spoke in favor of the upgrades coming to such reputable business owners who run such “neighborhood” establishments. None of the restaurants are seeking extended hours or additional seating, watch the meeting video for each presentation.

Video Menu:

00:00 – 01:17  Opening Remarks
01:22 – 19:15  Cantina Italiana
19:17 – 26:00  ​Mare Oyster Bar
26:04 – 34:56  Trattoria di Monica
34:58 – 41:17  Ducali Pizzeria
41:19 – 46:53  Strega Ristorante
46:55 – 55:40  Antico Forno
55:42 – 1:05:23  Carmelina’s

If you have any questions, please contact: Maria Lanza, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services Liaison at ​​ or call at (617) ­635-­4987.

6 Replies to “Local Restaurants Receive Community Support for All-Alcohol License Upgrades [Video]

  1. Joe North End, With all do respect, not all deserve liq. licenses & deserve the support that some of
    them have. The Way the City Give It, I hope they have enough Common Sense to Take It, when
    problems arise. The City or the Police do a great job in covering up some of the horrible incidents
    that have happened inside & outside or No. End Establishments. Facts, not Lies, sorry to say.

    1. I do not know anything about cover ups or conspiracies. As a life long north ender all I can say is I trust these owners and know they are responsible. Ive dined at almost all of their establishments and they all offer grade A products. These owners all have a great record when it comes to our community. With all do respect, I still believe this is the right decision.

  2. I think that their was a cover up involving the horrific & tragic auto accident that happened last June on Charter St. There was supposed to be an investigation, but we never were told if alcohol was involved or where the victims were coming from or leaving at 3 AM.

    1. Yes that was a horrible accident very unfortunate. My prayers go out to the family. However, those gentlemen were not out to eat at a north end establishment. If my memory serves me correct they were clubbing downtown and were on there way home. Other than the actual scene of the accident, that crash had nothing to do with the North End.

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