Rep. Jay Livingstone Running for State Senate Seat

State Rep. Jay Livingstone (Democrat – Beacon Hill) has announced his candidacy for the State Senate seat being vacated by Anthony Petruccelli. The news release is shown here.


State Representative Jay Livingstone, of Boston’s 8th Suffolk District, announced today that he will be a Democratic candidate in the upcoming special election to fill the State Senate seat soon to be vacated by Anthony Petruccelli, which includes parts of Boston and Cambridge, the city of Revere and town of Winthrop. Livingstone said that such a diverse district needs a proven effective leader with a broad vision, and he will emphasize his accomplishments as a legislator, both for his district and for families across the Commonwealth, in the campaign.

“I know from my time as a legislator how to deliver for diverse communities,” Livingstone explained, “and that’s what this district needs. Senator Petruccelli was able to deliver for all the communities in the district and it is critical to maintain that standard. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished for my constituents in Boston and Cambridge, and I look forward to reaching out further and getting to know the people in every neighborhood of the Senate district.”

Livingstone grew up in a working-class family in North Attleboro, MA. He worked as a union member at a cardboard box factory while attending college, then put himself through law school. As an Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex County, he witnessed the ravages of substance abuse and saw the need for political will to fund treatment beds rather than prison cells. The urgency of this and other issues prompted him to run in a special election for the 8th Suffolk seat, where—as a first-time candidate with a history of community leadership—he shocked political observers by earning an overwhelming victory with nearly 70% of the vote.

Since that time, Livingstone says that he has demonstrated the kind of independent leadership and strong work ethic necessary to get results for his community and to craft comprehensive policy solutions. At the statewide level, he has secured more funding for early education and drug treatment and has worked to advance gun safety. He has also been a staunch advocate for workers, helping to pass increases in the minimum wage and a Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights, while also filing a successful amendment to protect workers from employer retaliation. More locally, he has passed legislation to enable substantial improvements both to the Esplanade in Boston and to Magazine Beach in Cambridge. Meanwhile, in this legislative session he has filed an Equal Pay Bill to address the gender wage gap in Massachusetts, and a Healthy Kids Bill that aims to take a comprehensive approach to ensure that children in the state are housed, well-fed, healthy—and thus equipped to succeed in school.

Livingstone says he looks forward to talking about these priorities and accomplishments because it is critical to show that our state government has an important role to play in peoples’ lives. “Sometimes people can become cynical about government, but I know firsthand the profound role that effective leadership can play in helping communities and residents thrive,” Livingstone said. “That’s what I’ve been able to do in the House, and that’s why I am running for State Senate. I look forward to campaigning throughout the district, discussing my record, listening to the voters’ concerns, and working to earn their support.”