Magic for Refugees Campaign by Jason Escape

Many folks know North End resident, Jason Gardner (aka Jason Escape), professional magician and escape artist. Embarking on a trip to the Island of Lesvos, Jason is going to help the plight of refugees that have been flooding in after crossing the Aegean Sea. In his “Magic for Refugees” campaign, Jason explains:

It is terrifying. They have been human trafficked, treated like animals to get to the coast as they hide in the trees, waiting to be shuffled into a raft. There are 60 or more squeezed into a raft that fits 20. The children come over traumatized and many are often sick. The adults are not better, just have more emotional resources to deal with the insanity. But they have to be witness to their children’s misery. ALL have been through the most horrific experience of their lives.

When they arrive, they are cold and often have nothing at all, shoes and clothes are often destroyed from water damage and they have little or no belongings to their name. These are people just like us, that have left homes and careers, friends and electronics and all the comforts that we have. They have none of it anymore. They have escaped persecution and many have seen their friends and family beheaded, or tortured.

I AM HEADED THERE. It is the least I can do. I cannot sit back and do nothing. I have a skill. The skill to make people happy. My magic. There is children’s tent in Moria (on the island) that is eagerly awaiting my arrival. My goal is to make at least one child smile and I am assured that I will make many.

If you can see it in your heart to support this, I have this fundraiser set up. Your donations will go to my travel expenses, food, as well as  money to buy whatever is needed for the refugees while I am there. The more money that I have, the more that I can do with it. For example, many men do not have shoes. I am literally able to go in to the town and buy shoes for as many as I can afford to. Also, women will not ask for underwear and ALL of them need them badly. I can buy them when I arrive and quietly give a pair to each and every woman that I see. You can only imagine the difference it would make…shoes and underwear.

I plan to go for at least a week, maybe more, depending on how much I can raise. If this thing goes viral, I will make journey after journey, back and forth, bringing smiles and essentials to these amazing people, people just like you and me.

The last thing, and the most important: I plan on giving as many hugs as possible. My job, above service and the magic is to HOLD THE INTENTION AND SPACE OF LOVE FOR EACH AND EVERY REFUGEE THAT I ENCOUNTER.

Please help me make a difference. IF not you, then who?


In LOVE always,