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Peet’s Coffee Gets Support from Neighborhood Council [Video]

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted 5-2 in support of a new Peet’s Coffee location at 50 Salem Street, the Cross Street corner location formerly occupied by Goody Glover’s. The company presented its application for a new C.V. license to serve food and beverages (no alcohol) at the November 9th meeting, represented by Attorney Dennis Quilty.

Hour of operation are expected to be 5:30am to 10:00pm during the week and 5:30am to 10:30pm on weekends.  Goody Glovers had a 2:00am alcohol license that was sold and transferred outside the neighborhood when the building property changed hands.

In addition to coffee and tea, pastries and the like, will be served at the location. There will be no cooking on premises, other than heating. Restrooms are located in the basement with storage. The first floor will be for coffee/food service with additional seating on the 2nd floor. No zoning relief is required given the similar footprint of the prior operation.

Of the seven voting NEWNC members in attendance, five voted in favor of the new Peet’s Coffee. Voting in favor were Jessica Dello Russo, Carmine Guarino, Sean Hennessey, Gennaro Riccio and Anne Devlin Tagliaferro. Voting against the application were Marie Simboli and Jorge Mendoza. President Philip Frattaroli does not vote unless there is a tie. Members Ryan Kenny, John Pregmon and Ralph Verocchi were not present at the meeting. A December 2nd hearing at the Boston Licensing Board in City Hall is expected.

Please view the video above for the full presentation and discussion.

5 Replies to “Peet’s Coffee Gets Support from Neighborhood Council [Video]

  1. I still don’t understand this board. They will sharply shoot down a small business owner who wants to serve a nice glass of Vino with an entre yet they love to support a chain coffee shop which will do nothing except take away business from small local business.

    1. i don’t disagree, but the alcohol situation has more to do about outdated state laws than it does about non-binding neighborhood board votes. if we want small businesses and upcoming chefs to survive in this town, then we should askd our state rep to make it one of his causes.

      1. That is because half the people on the board own businesses around here and don’t want competition

  2. Peet’s may not swallow up small businesses as the North Enders fear. No one will choose them over Modern or Mike’s. Bean Town is on Salem…WiFi…the younger crowd with their laptops. Will Peet’s provide WiFi? Thinking Cup on Hanover is just ‘ok’ and not often buzzing with customers. So, which coffee houses will feel the sting? Many people, (including tourists) have complained about that block on Salem St. It is claustrophobic. It’s dirty. Peet’s will enhance that corner and it may be pleasant enough to draw people in. Think, and we will note that there are very few ‘coffee houses’ in the North End proper, none of which chance to lose customers.

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