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NEMPAC Adult Shakespeare Workshops at Cafe Paradiso with Doug Bowen Flynn

Do you like Shakespeare, but sometimes wish you had a viewing guide? Do you like joining your fellow adults for an evening of wine, dessert, and Shakespearean insight? Did you enjoy last year’s 50 Shades of Shakespeare at the Improv Asylum? Come join NEMPAC at Café Paradiso for two evenings of Shakespearean camaraderie, libations, and fun as our own Doug Bowen-Flynn gives a brief overview of two upcoming Shakespeare productions in two separate workshops and entertains questions in advance of going to see the shows! Fee to participate include a beverage of your choice from Cafe Paradiso and a splendid, fun evening with friends and Mr. Bowen-Flynn!
The Winter’s Tale, November 29, 3PM: In a perfect tale of winter loss and spring redemption, Shakespeare weaves elements of his own life into a tragic, endearing, and poignant story of our human foibles, the choices we make, and their life-altering consequences. Actor’s Shakespeare Project will be performing the show from Dec. 10-Jan. 3. Enrollment Fee: $30. Registration Deadline: Mon. Nov 23, 2015.Richard II, February 28, 3PM: What does it mean to be a king? Does a bad monarch still retain the right to rule? Who is entitled to dethrone him? What are the consequences to the people? What are the long-term implications of misrule and political upheaval? All of these issues, as relevant today as they were four hundred years ago, Shakespeare explores in this history—the first in the Plantagenet series that tracks the course of British monarchy from Richard II through the end of the Hundred Years War, the War of the Roses, and the reign of Richard III. Actor’s Shakespeare Project will be performing the show from February 17-March 13.
Enrollment Fee: $30. Registration Deadline: Mon. Feb 15, 2016.

Testimonials from audience members who attended 50 Shades of Shakespeare:
“Doug brought Shakespeare to life for me! Having the historical context made a big difference to my understanding of the language, which I can find mysterious. Doug’s love of Shakespeare makes me want to give it another try – my last real exposure to Shakespeare was 25 years ago.”  –Bethany DailyDoug put on a hilarious, interactive show featuring Shakespeare and exploring his more *ahem* personal themes. He touched on bits of history and motivation  that informed both seasoned and newbie Shakespeare fans. I look forward to having another drink with Doug and going deeper into the bawdy Bard.  -Jennifer McGivern

Doug makes Shakespeare so much fun to hear, see and learn. -Andrea and Arthur Waldstein

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50 Shades of Shakespeare Event at Improv Asylum, May 2015
50 Shades of Shakespeare Event at Improv Asylum, May 2015