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Boston Garden Project Gets Go Ahead for First Phase, Including Champions Row and Supermarket

After previously rejecting the podium/entrance design of the Boston Garden project, the Boston Civic Design Commission gave the go ahead for developers Boston Properties and Delaware North to move forward with a $258 million first phase.

The initial structure features the “Champions Row” multi-level podium that will face the street and guide people to North Station and into TD Garden.

The long awaited Star Market supermarket will be below ground level, accessible through escalators.  In addition, the podium structure will house a 500-seat sports bar, 1000-seat entertainment venue, movie theater and bowling alley.

At a total estimated cost of nearly $1 billion, the Boston Garden project will eventually add three towers (hotel, residential & office) in future phases.

Below are more developer renderings of Champions Row from the design presentation.

12 Replies to “Boston Garden Project Gets Go Ahead for First Phase, Including Champions Row and Supermarket

  1. This will not be good for our neighborhood. More traffic, more noise, more drunks pouring into our neighborhood. Also how will this effect local north end business? why stop in the north end to eat before a game anymore? I am curious where all the people who are anti commercial st hotel are? To be honest I feel quite indifferent about the hotel, but if they were so outraged about a little boutique hotel im sure they are outraged over this. Then again maybe not because this project wont negatively effect their “privileged” waterfront view. WHo cares about small business!

    1. If people aren’t coming to the North End for food because of this, won’t that make noise and traffic go down?

    2. joey – the north end does not need tourists to survive. in fact, a few less italian restaurants and few more amenities for actual residents is what the neighborhood needs.

    3. I can’t wait to stop by the new supermarket on my way home. Between all of our great specialty shops, and now a good place to by cheap staples, the North End will continue to be a great place for people who love cooking and eating.

  2. This sounds like a miniature version of Patriot Place in Foxboro which hasn’t been a resounding success.
    The Jacobs family and Delaware North will make a lot of money from this but I can’t imagine a 500 seat sports bar will enhance the quality of life in the North End/West End.
    There are many ways to destroy a neighborhood and this is one of them.

  3. I typically would opposed any new construction in the North End, but in this case (specifically phase 1), you have to admit, having a supermarket and movie theater close to this neighborhood sounds pretty appealing.

  4. Nick – I respectfully submit that the neighborhood will not be destroyed. This project was well thought out and will bring vibrancy to an area that is still relatively desolate and somewhat unsafe, even during the day time. I’ve witnessed countless drug deals and shady behavior on multiple instances in the middle of the day, and under the cover of darkness that area just gets worse. A development like this will do much to push that behavior out of the area.
    Comparing this development Patriot Place is an apples to oranges comparison.

    1. Technically this project is in the WEST End not the NORTH End. This will be a good thing for the North End not a bad thing. We need a supermarket that is not Whole Paycheck. People will still shop in the small North End shops and maybe some them will become more competitive and only charge $0.50 to $1 more than the supermarket instead of $2 to $3 more. People who do not want to eat pub grub in a giant sports bar will still come to the North End to eat Pizza and Italian food in smaller venues. A movie theater is a nice addition and this complex should bring new life to an area that is a little scary day and night.

  5. While I have issue with the overall size and mass of the project, I believe this project will further enhance this long neglected area. Even with the removal of the elevated train tracks, North Station, Causeway Street and its surroundings have remained a sordid area of the city that is much to close to our neighborhood. A new development that will serve as an anchor to the other parcels that have been built in the area and provide much needed upgrades and more security.

    It will bring benefits to North End residents in the form of a long awaited and much needed large format supermarket. I personally like the inclusion of the movie theater too.

  6. I live just over the bridge and I’m psyched for a supermarket that isn’t whole foods and a movie theater/bowling alley. I could live without the sports bar, but given all the games held there it seems pretty logical.

  7. While phase 1 of the Garden project may offer some needed benefits to the area, all North Enders should be concerned about the impact of the 3 massive towers that are part of the next phase. With no public planning to provide open spaces or alleviate traffic and mass transit congestion, our quality of life will be certainly be adversely affected. Supporters of a hotel at Lewis Wharf should also note that one of these three towers is earmarked to be a hotel, in addition to the hotel already planned for the Haymarket parcel. The last thing the North End needs is yet another hotel!

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