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St. John School Visits Suffolk University and Meets with President Margaret McKenna

Classroom visit to Suffolk University President Margaret McKennas office.
Suffolk University President, Margaret McKenna with St. John School’s 6-8th Students

St. John School’s 6th–8th Grade Students visited Suffolk University this week and had the pleasure of meeting with Suffolk University’s President, Ms. Margaret McKenna, along with several of Suffolk’s professors.

President McKenna spoke at length with the students about college life, the importance of school and studying, how college gives the students the tools to be successful in life, as well as Suffolk University’s innovative programs and classes.

The students then had the opportunity to meet with Patricia A. Reeve, Ph.D., Director, American Studies Minor Program, Associate Professor of History Department and Robert Bellinger, Ph.D. Associate Professor History Department. They both spoke to the students about the importance of an education and how important it is to study, about history, college classes, student life, the school’s sports programs and the different colleges at Suffolk University.

Our children peppered the professors with many questions such as what is college like, what kind of classes can we take, what happens if you don’t go to class, how long are the college classes, do you have to take English and math (YES!), how many different departments does Suffolk University have, what is the school’s acceptance rate and what happens if I don’t get a good grade.

The purpose of this visit was to give our students a first-hand view of college life and give them a chance to see the day-to-day activities that take place at college. We want them to understand their hard work, combined with their good grades, are very important factors for college admission and their future success.

Dr. Patricia Reeve highly complimented our students saying, “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet your students. Their light shines brightly!”

Our parents heard great things about the visit as well, with one parent commenting, “Thanks so much for facilitating the visit to Suffolk University today. My son really enjoyed a taste of college life!  It was a great opportunity, and I’m sure it will remain in their minds for a long time.  I think it is great to expose them to this at a young age and hopefully it will keep them focused on the future.”

We thank President Margaret McKenna, Dr. Patricia Reeve, Dr. Bob Bellinger as well as Suffolk University for taking the time out of their very busy schedules and for allowing our students this wonderful opportunity to visit their college! We also thank Keri Cullinane from the President’s Office and Dr. Carol Streit, Chief of Staff to the President for arranging the visit. A thank you also to Dr. Robert Allison, Professor of History, Department Chair for all his support to St. John School. Finally, a big shout out to Suffolk University Alum Patrick McDonough for coordinating this educational visit with the school.

Visit our Facebook page for more photos of our student’s visit to Suffolk University! {photos courtesy of Michael J. Clarke, Suffolk University Photographer}