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Notable News: Bad Neighbors, Hanover Land Sale, Sea Level Rise Plan, Wedding Pics, Nazzaro Dance and More!

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Courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK, The Boston Globe.
Courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK, The Boston Globe.

Like a good neighbor?

Speaking about conflicts with neighbors and nearby residents, the results can bring a negative impact to everyday life. Take the North End couple who lived in a brick-and-beam building with hostile tenants below them, read more about the result of prolonged negative feelings to your neighbors at, The Boston Globe

Baker markets state properties for housing, economic development

As Boston seeks economic development, Governor Charlie Baker wants developers to know that price is not the only consideration for proposals.  Hoping to utilize public-private partnerships, a 3,000-square-foot parcel in Boston’s North End is being marketed for business opportunities, continue reading at the Metro West Daily News.

The patio currently used by Mother Anna's is for sale, more at Mass.Gov.
The patio currently used by Mother Anna’s is for sale, more at Mass.Gov.

Parcel 11A- Land Sale

Parcel 11A, the 0.06 acre land on the corner of Hanover and Cross Streets in Boston’s North End is up for sale. MassDOT has deemed the parcel as surplus and will be selling the parcel, more information at Mass.Gov.

Boston: The Three-Minute Eating and Drinking Guide

The essence of Boston goes far beyond the rich history, finance, education, and the technology community. Take the North End for example, where you can, “find old Italian bakers down narrow alleyways.” Continue reading about how Boston is thriving in the food scene at, Bloomberg Business.

Architects Win BRA Contest for Sea Level Rise

A contest and initiative that has immense meaning towards the North End waterfront, was won by Charlestown architects Stephanie Goldberg and Mark Reed.  They devised their plan for combatting rising sea levels at The Prince Condo Building in the North End., continue reading more on the BRA’s competition and winner at the Charlestown Patriot-Bridge.

As BRA Seeks To Extend Urban Renewal Powers, Exhibit Looks At Controversial Past

Boston’s development is at full swing, and the BRA is hoping to extend their urban renewal powers for another decade. The BRA has had controversy over this power that helps them, “catalyze development,” take the old West End neighborhood for starters, continue reading at, WBUR.

North End Boston Wedding Shoot, James & Danielle

Take a look at these wedding photos taken on some familiar streets and in front of some recognizable businesses in the North End. Photos and video by Christian Pleva Images.

Dancing with the Stars

The annual Halloween Dance at the Nazzaro Center was a success with the help of staff, volunteers, and dance instructor Ingrid Oslund. View the photo gallery courtesy of The Nazzaro Center.

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