Community Sports

N.E.A.A. Donates Hockey Equipment to Players in North End

The North End Athletic Association recently donated hockey gloves, shin pads and elbow pads to several young players in the North End Youth Hockey Program. The NEAA received the equipment from a grant written to Good Sports earlier this year. Thanks to help from Representative Aaron Michlewitz, the NEAA received over $14,000 worth of equipment for various youth sports programs they run and sponsor. Some of that equipment was provided to the youth of the N.E Hockey program run by Dan Toscano.

NEAA President Louis Cavagnaro, NEAA Sports Coordinator John Romano and North End Youth Hockey director Dan Toscano were at the Nazzaro Center to help give out the brand new Bauer Hockey gear. If your child did not get to attend, the NEAA still has more equipment and will be glad to help out your child. Contact Dan Toscano if you are part of Hockey Program or John Romano at JROMANO45@GMAIL.COM. Supplies are limited.

Attached are photos of several of the children and their parents who received the free Hockey gear from the NEAA.