The Weekender: Clock Ticking on Lewis Wharf Project, Bocce Tournament, Cross Street Parking, West End Part 2 and More!

Here is your chance to see if you missed anything big over the week, just take a quick look at the weekender!

Top Posts of the Week:

Lewis Wharf Project Diagram
Lewis Wharf Project Diagram

Lewis Wharf Hotel Project Starts the Clock With Formal Document Filing

Still confused about the Lewis Wharf Hotel proposal? This article covers the proposal from top to bottom, start to finish. Covering everything from the project details, to the public process, timeline, traffic, parking garage and more, read the post for complete details.

J. Pace & Son Location at 42 Cross Street to Become Parking Lot

A zoning change is being pursued by the owner of 42 Cross Street, Joseph Pace, who is looking to change the space from a commercial building to a parking lot on the property. With the current poor condition of the building, Pace hopes that a new building will eventually replace the parking lot.  View the post for details and complete video coverage.

Life on the Corner: The West End, Part 2

The second of three posts on the destruction of the old West End, the author believes that the North End was spared not because of the “great moral outrage” but because it had “lots of money, and money buys influence.” Read the article for more on, what made the North End different?

Neighborhood Photo: Jimmy Hayes in the North End

With hockey season soon returning for the Boston Bruins, Jimmy Hayes was at Antico Forno with his girlfriend and posed for a photo with owner, Carla Gomes.  View the post to view the snapshot.

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Rice
Photo Courtesy of Christopher Rice

Notable News: Pope Visit, Buzz Off BRA, Sandwich-Board Regulations, Expanding Free Wi-Fi, Uber/Lyft Hearing!

This post has enough hot button stories to keep you engaged for hours, with articles on the BRA, regulations for sandwich-boards, a long hearing on laws regarding Uber/Lyft, and the Wi-Fi expansion in Boston, read the post for the articles.

Editor’s Pick:

Friends of the North End Annual Fall Bocce Tournament

The outdoor bocce courts on Commercial Street were packed with 30 people who took place in the the Friends of the North End Annual Bocce Tournament.  View the post for more on the event and the group photo.