Remembering 9-11, the Bobby D Way

I was going through some old stuff in my filing cabinet and I came across this Photo.  For about 5 years starting in 2003, the late Bobby Decristoforo and North End Against Drugs hooked up with Brother David from The Franciscan Center in Wilmington Delaware – who drove up one of these awesome Bells of Remembrance.  Our own Bobby D put together an unbelievable day long program to honor the victims and first responders of 9-11.  Bobby had people ring the bell throughout the day to let everyone know that the North End WILL NEVER FORGET that terrible day in America’s History.  Bobby lost a couple of friends on that tragic day and he wanted them to know they were loved and remembered.

As we ponder the 14th Anniversary – I asked everyone to do something nice and SMILE: That is what Bobby D would do!

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