Neighborhood Photo: New Rose Bushes at Columbus Park

The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park horticulture group planted a bunch of new rose bushes at the Rose Kennedy Rose Garden this week at the waterfront park. Meredith Piscitelli shows the scene with many more pics on their Facebook page. Want to join the FOCCP horticulture volunteers? Email committee chair, Robyn at


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One Reply to “Neighborhood Photo: New Rose Bushes at Columbus Park

  1. We’re very proud of having had such a large turnout of volunteers on that impossibly hot and humid evening.
    We planted 2 snowy white climbing rose bushes in the center bed, 6 ‘Carefree Wonder’ bush roses in the half-crescent’s and 9 hybrid tea roses, including 2 ‘Mr. Lincoln’s’ and a lavender ‘Neptune’, in the center bed. Next June we should have a spectacular first-bloom.
    In the coming months we plan to have signs made with the name of each rose on them for your viewing and smelling pleasure. In the meantime, many roses are still blooming and we sincerely hope our whole community is enjoying the Garden.
    Please visit our Facebook page at Friends of Christopher Columbus Park and ‘like’ if you like.
    Thank ya.

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