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Notable News: Eliot Fundraiser Lacks Diversity, Political Columbus, DiMasi’s Legacy, Parmenter Street Pothole and More!

The notable news post summarizes all the noteworthy articles written about the North End / Waterfront of Boston. You can be sure that if the article is worth the read, it is posted below!

Image by Anthony Russo, The Boston Globe.
Image by Anthony Russo, The Boston Globe.

Eliot School’s Fancy Fundraiser Shows Lack of Diversity

When it comes to racial and economic divides, many count on public schools to be the bridge that connects the two controversial issues. The Eliot K-8 Innovation School in the North End hosted a fund-raiser at the Liberty Hotel where women in cocktail dresses swayed on the dance floor, drinking Champagne and raffling off silent auction items for hundreds more than the asking price. Diversity was the only thing missing from the “perfect event,” continue reading at The Boston Globe.

Political Activists Throw Blood in Christopher Columbus’ Face

As first reported by, the vandalism incident at Christopher Columbus Park became a mainstream media story. Looking beyond the spray painted words and the red paint that ran down the Christopher Columbus statue in the North End, The Huffington Post says that “honoring Columbus hits a deeper nerve.” Also more details at, CBS Boston.

Sal DiMasi (right) watched then Governor Mitt Romney sign the health care bill, photo by David L. Ryan at the Boston Globe.
Sal DiMasi (right) watched then Governor Mitt Romney sign the health care bill, photo by David L. Ryan at the Boston Globe.

Amid health care, gay marriage victories, no one invokes DiMasi

Sal DiMasi, the former Massachusetts Speaker of the House was a leading figure for gay marriage and healthcare, leading the way for the United States to uphold two similar laws just years down the road. DiMasi, who is currently doing time in prison, “went to the wall for gay marriage, in old-school, arm-twisting fashion,” continue reading more at, the Boston Globe.

Bohemians Alongside Revolutionaries at Faneuil Hall

Speaking of Giacomo Puccini, who may have found himself in “unlikely company” before the success of the North End Music & Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) Opera Project’s production of La Bohème.

Image courtesy of UniversalHub.
Image courtesy of UniversalHub.

Citizen complaint of the day: You’re going to need a bigger cone

Parmenter Street in the North End is the scene where a traffic cone holds down a sink hole, helping residents be aware of the deep pothole. Read the story at, UniversalHub.

Not just pricey European prints: West End photos go missing from BPL

A collection of photos that were “borrowed” from the Boston Public Library’s collection of photos from the old West End, never were returned. The West End Library is now looking to recreate a collection on the Lost West End. Read more at, UniversalHub.

Aquarium News and Updates

Read the story of head veterinarian, Charles Innis, VMD, who treats the resident turtles at the Aquarium and volunteers his skills helping local wild turtles in need of emergency care. New England Aquarium

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