Milan Lucic Says Goodbye to Boston’s North End

In a heartfelt letter, Milan Lucic says goodbye to Boston and especially those in his hometown neighborhood of the North End. Milan was recently traded to the Los Angeles Kings.

I was 19 when I joined the Boston Bruins, a very young man.

Now at 27, I must say goodbye to this special city. I lived my dream when we won the Stanley Cup. I married my wife here. Both my children were born here. Boston will always be a key part of who I am.

I played in front of a group of fans I will never forget, especially my pals in the North End.

The following ad appeared in the Boston Globe, among other publications.

One Reply to “Milan Lucic Says Goodbye to Boston’s North End

  1. What a nice letter! I don’t watch much hockey, but I used to see Lucic playing “chase” in the Gassy tot lot with his kids, which was pretty cool to see. You don’t often get to witness the “regular-life” side of great athletes. Best wishes to the Lucic family for as many happy and successful years in LA as you had here in Boston and the North End!!

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