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Summer Soiree Draws a Crowd on the Prado

NEMPAC’s inaugural Summer Soirée on the Prado Thursday night was a huge success! It was a beautiful evening to support the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC). Under the tree canopy of the Paul Revere Mall, neighbors joined with arts lovers for an evening of music, food and drinks!

The event was held on the doorstep of the NEMPAC building – a place where music fills the rooms and after-school arts programming thrives. At this enchanted spot, people gathered to celebrate the arts in our neighborhood and the inspirational work that NEMPAC does in our community.

It was a NEMPAC event so there was, of course, live music from talented instructors and musical friends. If you did not make the event, but wish to make a donation – please visit this link.

Photos by Jennifer McGivern.