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Preserve Boston’s Waterfront Seeks Signatures on Petition

Development Map
Development Map

Preserve Boston’s Waterfront is an emerging neighborhood group working so that the height and massing of new development is compatible and in proportion with existing neighborhood architecture.

Resident Joanne Hayes Rines and committee members recently presented the following information to the Wharf District Council. Additional presentations are scheduled at North End and other Downtown Boston neighborhood meetings in the near future.

  • Preserve Boston’s Waterfront was established to provide information to the public on proposed projects in the historic Waterfront & North End neighborhoods and to facilitate communications to government officials on concerns and/or support with said projects.
  • It is made up of North End & Waterfront residents and property owners.
  • Its mission is to protect the character and the quality of life of these communities by educating the public on proposed development and by working to ensure that future zoning is compatible with existing buildings and the neighborhood’s historic character and buildings, the waterfront and the Greenway.
  • Its objective is to have the City of Boston develop responsible North End Waterfront planning and zoning that include heights and massing that fit in with existing buildings, preserve the historic character of the area, allow for an activated and open waterfront and deal with existing and potential traffic issues and solutions.

Preserve Boston’s Waterfront current initiative encourages residents and concerned stakeholders to sign an online petition to the Boston Redevelopment Authority on its website,

4 Replies to “Preserve Boston’s Waterfront Seeks Signatures on Petition

  1. The North End and Waterfront needs this kind of info.

    The present proposals for development threaten the area with loss of historic character, overcrowding and the dehumanizing of the North End and Waterfront neighborhoods.

    There is no way this area can absorb the demands that massive development would bring.

    Imagine the fire department or ambulances trying to get through the new traffic that would result. It is bad enough now, why make things worse.

    We need to respect and save the unique character of our neighborhood.

  2. The sketch depicts a futuristic planet. The North End is well known for its European and provincial atmosphere .
    The proposal here is horrific. It seems as if most of the neighborhood meetings involve presentations of accessory buildings that none of us want.

  3. You do realize that that sketch is in no way accurate right? Also that only 2 of the actual projects are on the waterfront?

  4. A sketch, as we know, does not fully represent accurate placement of buildings. This looks pretty ‘waterfronty’ to us, and we do not approve.

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