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Notable News: Olive Garden Disdain, New Skate Shop, Greenway Scrutiny, Councilors’ Parking Perks, (Dis)organized Crime and More!

Pulling news and views from a countless amount of sources in the greater Boston area, whether it is newspapers, local news websites or neighborhood blogs, we touch upon every type of source to bring you the articles that pertain to the North End / Waterfront.

The Olive Garden’s food truck that served meatball and chicken parm breadstick sandwiches on the edge of Boston’s renowned North End neighborhood. Photo by Olive Garden, courtesy of
The Olive Garden’s food truck. Photo by Olive Garden, courtesy of

North End restaurant owners say Olive Garden food truck not worthy of the neighborhood

Food trucks are a summertime staple on the Greenway, but what was it about the Olive Garden food truck that made North End restaurateurs furious?  George Mendoza, one of the owners of Monica’s in the North End said “it’s an insult to everyone in the North End selling Italian food.” While Damien DiPaola of Carmelina’s and Vito’s warned of “fake garlic and heartburn.” Read more on their disdian for the food truck at,

The North End is Getting a Skate Shop This Summer

North End businesses have been diversifying in recent years with new additions like Tenoch, The Juicery, and several other “unique” businesses, but what about a skate shop? That is correct, this summer, Orchard Skate Shop will be opening at 438 Commercial Street, featuring an interior design that will, “combine the rich history of the North End with Orchard’s hallmark “rustic, organic, and literal” vibe. Read the story at, BostInno.

Photo by Matt Stone, the Boston Herald.
Photo by Matt Stone, the Boston Herald.

Greenway still splurging on state dime

Although the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy was ordered to start taking strides to become “self-sufficient” several years ago, the Conservancy managed to rack up quite a tab on employees. In fact, thousands of state funded tax dollars were spent on work outings at Harpoon Brewery, as well as new desks, taxi rides, restaurant meals and hotel stays. Continue reading the article at, The Boston Herald.

A new type of (dis)organized crime

When Frank Angiulo passed away, The Boston Globe called it the “end of North End Mob era.” Coincidentally, the service held for Anguillo at St. Leonard’s Church in the North End was the same day that officials brought David Wright into federal court to face terrorism-related charges. The Boston Globe has more on how much crime in Boston has changed over the last 30 years.

These tags allow city councilors to park without being ticketed. Photo by John Tlumack, The Boston Globe.
These tags allow City Councilors to park without being ticketed. Photo by John Tlumack, The Boston Globe.

More city employees now enjoying parking perks

Residents in the North End certainly know what a struggle it can be to park your car in the neighborhood. Several City Councilors have been taking advantage of their parking privileges, like one City Councilor who has had 14 tickets tossed since January 2014, with half of those tickets being issued just a few steps from his Back Bay condo. So how many parking tickets did you City Councilor get thrown away? The Boston Globe has the statistics and more information.

Greenway bash under fire for open bar claim

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy was advertising an ’80s-style fundraiser that stirred up some controversy with the Boston Licensing Board for their “open bar” event. The Conservancy maintains that they planned to offer four drink tickets per person, not host an open bar. Read the article at, The Boston herald.

Wellesley lacrosse community unites on the field to honor Connor Darcey

When a B.M.W rolled over on Commercial Street last Friday, one of the deceased was a graduate of Wellesley High School. Currently a Lacrosse player at Penn State University, Connor Darcey was honored by the community with an event at Sprague Field in Wellesley, a Lacrosse Game was played to pay tribute.  Photo coverage and more at, The Wellesley Report.

2015 Abstract Sculpture: Annual Reconfiguration

In late March of every year, the Abstract Sculpture at Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway gets reconfigured into a “new” structure. A crane is used to lift and pull apart the two halves of the abstract sculpture, which is then reconfigured into a new and different Sculpture. Watch the video on how the Armenian Heritage Park gets transformed just in time for Spring!

Harbor fills with diaphanous visitors

The Boston Harbor was “flooded” with Moon jellyfish, pushing themselves along Boston’s waterfront. No need to be alarmed, they are one of the most common jellyfish in the world and are often found in harbors and bays, the UniversalHub has more!

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