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Neighborhood Video: Amelia the Drone Tours the North End From the Sky

North End tours are nothing new, but here is one you probably haven’t seen yet.

Brad Young takes “Amelia the Drone” on a sky tour from the North End rooftops, over the Greenway, Zakim Bridge and around the steeple of the Old North Church. The video was shot over four separate summer sunsets.

(Music Don’t Stop by ODEZA)

9 Replies to “Neighborhood Video: Amelia the Drone Tours the North End From the Sky

  1. The panoramic shot of the sun-bathed steeple of the Old North Church (2:00 and ff.) are extraordinary. A great reminder of why we all love Boston. Thanks for sharing this artful effort.

  2. This is incredible footage of the North End but unless you’re flying with the flight tower’s permission then you’re violating federal law. Flying anywhere within a 5-mile radius of an international/regional airport is highly illegal. I recommend you look into the FAA’s regulations for model aircraft operations shown here:

    1. Your comment is not entirely correct. I was below the maximum altitude for operating drones outside the strict 1.5 mile radius of an airport. Altitude regulations begin 5 miles from major airports and maximum altitudes taper down as you get closer to restricted air space. Additionally the drone I was operating has built in software that limits operations in and around designated no-fly zones. See for more information.

  3. I live near the north end too (north point park) and am curious what is the max height this close to Logan?

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