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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle – Running the Greenway’s North End Fountains

How about that heat wave?!? Just in time, the North End Park fountains are now operating on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Get in the mood with this jigsaw picture puzzle scene.

Move and drag the pieces around just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. If you are “missing” a piece, move the other pieces aside to look behind them. Beginners can use the guides found in the lower left icons.

Post your feedback (too easy, hard, etc.) and best time in the comments section below!

6 Replies to “Jigsaw Picture Puzzle – Running the Greenway’s North End Fountains

  1. 9:05
    Great puzzle. However, once again, all the pieces don’t fit on a single screen so need to scroll to see them all.

    1. Hi Miriam,
      I tried to give it more space since there were 100 pieces! But, I resized it down in case other folks are having the same problem. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Fun puzzle Matt. Obviously I have NO GAME going on. But the 39+ minutes were an enjoyable joust while balancing my a.m. coffee mug. Intriguing technology for ‘on-site-stickiness’. Best, Ken

  3. As I did the sides, top and bottom to begin the puzzle, the space allowable to work the puzzle got smaller and smaller and smaller. I love your puzzles, Matt, but, frankly, the workable space it really too small. Sad that there’s not more room — even on the largest screen — to have an efficient workable space. All in all (and despite my whining), the puzzle was enjoyable. My timing wasn’t the best but I’ll toss it in anyway: 16 minutes, 21 seconds. Thanks, Matt. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Dee.

      I can increase the workable space to have the puzzle take up the entire window. However, when I do that I get complaints it doesn’t fit on some people’s screens (see Miriam’s comment above). It’s difficult to design it for all types screens (desktop computers, tablets, phones, etc.). I’ll continue to work on it!

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