Notable News: City Hall Plaza Rendering, ‘Workforce’ Apartments, Boston Lions, Firefighters Fishing, Ugly Architecture and More!

The North End continues to make a major impact on the city of Boston, whether it is the head coach of the Celtics hoping to dine out more in the neighborhood, or residents in Chinatown hoping to learn from the Italian-Americans of the North End. Mayor Walsh is entertaining concepts for the redesigning of City Hall Plaza while a man is fished out of Boston Harbor by firefighters. 

Many question the look of Boston architecture, is it good or bad? Photo by Tony Higett on FLICKR, Boston Magazine.

Why Is Boston So Ugly?

As the Boston skyline continues to adjust and develop almost everyday, do the buildings add a positive look to the city? Mayor Marty Walsh toured several other places like New York City where he found exciting buildings, made by developers who are willing to take financial and creative risks with their design and builds. Read Boston Magazine for more on, “Why wasn’t Boston like that?”

PAEE-Nazzaro Partners for 9 Years!

The Public Action for Arts & Education (PAEE) is celebrating their 9th year of working with the Nazzaro Center in the North End. After a generous donation from PAEE towards the art program at the Nazzaro Center, they agreed to encourage an environment where “drawing, painting and all manner of art was made available to all the program’s members.” Read more about the partnership between PAEE and the Nazzaro Center.

Brad Stevens starting to feel like a New Englander

Brad Stevens has been busy rebuilding the Celtics since the day he took over as Head Coach in 2013. Now that Stevens is settling into Boston, he is hoping to make dining out in the North End a more frequent occurrence for him and his family. The Boston Herald has more on the adjustment to Boston for Coach Stevens.

Lion at the Old North Church
Lion at the Old North Church, photo courtesy of UniversalHub.

The lions of Boston

I highly doubt that the Lion will ever become a symbol of the city of Boston, but when you stop and realize how many lions are surrounding us, it really is a prominent animal in the city. Besides in places like Downtown Crossing or Post Office Square, have you noticed the lions at the Old North Church? Read more at, UniversalHub.

Displaced Chinatown Residents Construct “Tent City” to Protest Construction Company

Many North Enders remember a neighborhood filled with Italian-American residents, now more of an “Italian restaurant and shopping district whose actual residents are high-paid younger urban professionals.” Residents in Chinatown are worried that the same thing that happened to the North End and other cultural neighborhoods will soon happen to them. View the video on NECN for why many residents think they are, “losing Chinatown, because the very people who built Chinatown are being pushed out.”

110 Fun Things To Do Now That You’ve Survived Boston’s Worst Winter Ever

After the grueling winter, folks seem to be coming out of their hibernation looking to do every activity you could think of from historical attractions to bars, sporting events, and other activities. Surprisingly, the North End was not recommended as a place just to get food! In fact, the recommendation was to, “read a book at a picture-perfect spot” like one of the North End parks along the Greenway. Continue reading the article at,

‘Workforce’ apartments pitched for Boston

When it comes to building developments in the area, it seems to always be something along the lines of luxury, high priced condos or upscale office space. This time, the proposal is for 132 “workforce” apartments for rent, for people and households who make a particular income. Read the story at, The Boston Globe.

#PlazPlus Boston City Hall Programming Drawing, courtesy of BostInno.
Boston City Hall Programming Drawing, courtesy of BostInno.

4 Next-Generation Perspectives of City Hall Plaza’s Redesign

Mayor Marty Walsh has concluded his request for information about redesigning City Hall Plaza to meet the needs of the modern era. The primary objectives were to generate plans to renovate the physical space and an improve programming possibilities. BostInno has more on the plan that hopes to extend the plaza and preserve City Hall’s character.

Man falls off Long Wharf; firefighters fish him out of the harbor

Over the weekend, firefighters and EMTs responded to the Long Wharf where a man fell into the Harbor. After a successful rescue, the EMTs were needed to assist a firefighter who was injured during the rescue. Story coming courtesy of UniversalHub.

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