Arts & Culture Community

A Decade Old Partnership with Nazzaro Center

The Nazzaro Center and Public Action for Arts & Education marked their 10th year together as they did the previous 9-with and art contest. The partnership began in 2005 when PAEE President Joseph Hill approached the center and proposed a collaboration between the two agencies. In return for a generous donation from PAEE towards our art program, the center agreed to encourage and foster an environment where drawing, painting and all manner of art was made available to all the program’s members. To this end, art instructor Josephine LePore offers two to three projects every year rotating between different medium and styles and once, maybe twice, the works completed by the children are judged by board members of PAEE. Usually, four prizes in each of four age groups are awarded. This past season, the children worked on colored pen drawings from September through Christmas with the judging and awarding of prizes finally happening, because of all the snow this winter, the first week of May. Below are all the winners in each category as well as a group picture of the PAEE board members, who served as judges, with instructor Josie Lepore.