St. John School Celebrates 120 Years of Education With Time Capsule

St. John School is pleased to announce we will celebrate our 120th anniversary on Friday, April 10th at 9:00 a.m.  As part of our celebration, we are inviting all of our students to submit short messages and items of importance to each class that will be placed in a time capsule in the school’s basement. In 10 years’ time, it is our hope that a current K3 student will recover the time capsule and view the contents.

St. John School first opened our doors in 1895 officially registering 300 boys and 500 girls, many of whom were newly arriving immigrants from the South of Italy. In 1896 Rose Fitzgerald (Kennedy), the future

Mother of a U.S. President, enrolled as a student and in 1911 the congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph were commissioned to St. John School. Today, we have over 250 children enrolled in K3 through 8th grade and continue the mission of providing our students with academic excellence and providing the skills necessary for a rapidly changing world. As a result of this mission, our students achieve a high acceptance rate to the most prestigious area Catholic High Schools as well as Boston’s exam schools.

“The vision of St. John School continues to include parents, faculty, and administration working together to continually affirm our strong Catholic identity and to promote an education rich in values,” stated Principal Karen McLaughlin. “We are dedicated to the principles of academic excellence and outreach established by the Sisters of St. Joseph.”

About St. John School
St. John School is a private Catholic elementary school serving grades K3-8 and is located in Boston’s historic North End, Massachusetts.  Since 1895, it has touched the lives of generations of children in the heart of a dynamic city. Reaching beyond the border of a storied neighborhood, St. John School serves students from all backgrounds and from all parts of Boston and beyond. The school cherishes the diversity of its student body and takes full advantage of the cultural and educational resources of an urban setting.