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Remembering Bobby D

Five years ago today my good friend Bobby D passed away. It seems like yesterday but 5 years is a long time. The North End and Charlestown miss him very much. He did tons of good things for the youth and seniors of both neighborhoods.

I was cleaning my garage yesterday and ran across the Boston Herald from 11 years ago. This is just one of the many small ways that Bobby worked tirelessly to ensure that the good things that kids did was brought to light.

He was proud of the work that North End Against Drugs did, but we were more proud of him! The North End has had many good leaders over the years and Bobby Decristoforo was one of the best!

It is still hard to imagine the Red Sox starting another season without Bobby at Fenway Park – a place he loved to be!

Thinking of you, Your pal –


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  1. Truly missed in the neighborhood ! Because of his countless acts behind the scene to help not only a troubled kid but an entire family !!! Ted B.

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