Greenway Update on North End Improvement Project

Porch Swings Rendering (Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy)

Update from the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy on the North End improvement project:

The initial removal of the boxwoods and beginning of the fallow period in the boxwood beds has occurred. You will notice the fallow period continuing for a few more weeks. Explanation of the fallow period can be found in our previous presentation on the project.

Additionally, beginning this week there will be some restorative work and updates made to the pergola on both parcel 8 (northerly park of the North End Park) and parcel 10 (southerly park of the North End Park.) This work paves the way for the installation of the incredibly-popular swinging park benches, slated to be installed later in the project.

We continue to be appreciative of the support received by the North End community for this project and for the financial support of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Harbinger Development, and Normandy Real Estate Partners. We also thank our elected officials and our neighborhood association leaders for working with us on this important project.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Michael Nichols, Esq.
Community Affairs and Strategic Projects Manager
Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy