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Notable News: Rooftop Garden of Plenty, Urban Planning Letter, Space Saver Ban, Clean Up Efforts and Dog Licensing

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Photo by Kindra Clineff
A story of a special garden, in a unique place, Photo by Kindra Clineff at Design New England.

A Garden of Plenty Thrives High Above Boston’s North End

Bougainvillea, orange blossom, jasmine, passionflower, moonflower and lavender are among the scents you will smell at Michele Topor’s rooftop garden in the North End. After moving to the neighborhood 30 years ago, she created her own version of a garden you would find in Sicily, all at the top of a fifth floor walkup. Read the article in Design New England.

With all these skyscrapers, we’ve barely scratched surface of our urban planning needs

In a letter from Ford Cavallari, President of the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association, he notes that almost the entirety of the subway system we have in Boston today was planned in the 1890s. Calling for needs to invest in transportation, especially infrastructure with today’s downtown real estate boom, with almost 15 million square feet of new office and residential space under construction. Read the letter piece at, The Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe
The support for ending parking space savers continues, photo by The Boston Globe.

Downtown ban on space savers pushed

As first reported here in, members of the Alliance of Downtown Civic Organizations and neighborhood leaders want to put an end to parking space savers. The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association and the Fenway Civic Association have already voted in favor of a ban. Read the story at, The Boston Globe.

Pizza royalty setting up shop in Chestnut Hill

The North End of Boston will not be the only place in Boston with the most sought after pizza joints. There will be a new sheriff in town, with the famed Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana has decided to open its first local restaurant, in Chestnut Hill, this fall. The gourmet pizzas are so tasty they’ve been named among the best in the country, and often number one. Pepe’s is considering many Boston locations, continue reading at, The Boston Globe.

Boston Public Works employees, including Stavros Fotiadis, left, clean trash from Hanover Street in the North End, Monday, March 16, 2015. Staff photo by Angela Rowlings.
Boston Public Works employees clean trash from Hanover Street in the North End, Staff photo by Angela Rowlings, The Boston Herald

City to seek residents’ help to deal with the mountains of trash and animal waste all that snow was covering

After the record amount of snow Boston has seen in the past few months, it is no surprise that the streets and sidewalks are still a mess. City officials are deploying extra manpower into cleaning up as the snow melts. City Councilor Sal LaMattina hopes residents put as much effort into cleaning the curbs and sidewalks in front of their homes as they put into helping neighbors shovel out their cars. UniversalHub has the story. Photo and more from The Boston Herald.

Poppy Says, “Time to Get a Dog License!”

When spring and summer roll around, dogs are always a topic of discussion in the North End. In addition to people worrying about cleaning up dog waste, they also worry about unlicensed dogs. Massachusetts law requires that all dogs be licensed with their city or town by April 1st of each year and you must have proof of a current rabies vaccination. Read more at, BostonZest.

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3 Replies to “Notable News: Rooftop Garden of Plenty, Urban Planning Letter, Space Saver Ban, Clean Up Efforts and Dog Licensing

  1. The dog waste is the worst I have ever seen. Poop doesn’t melt with the snow!!! How hard is it to pick up after your dog? What’s worse is the bags full of dog waste all over the place. What’s with that? Seriously how hard is it to pick up, tie up and dispose of it in the proper place? This kind of irresponsibility is totally uncalled for and personally if I ever see anyone not pick up after their dog I am going to take a picture and send it here to be posted. Not only is is disgusting to see but this can make other dogs sick as well. I have had to pull my dogs away from mounds of it on the top flights alone. How about having a little North End pride? RUFF has bags available right there if your too cheap or lazy to have your own. There is absolutly no excuse.

  2. Extenuating circumstances lately. Blizzard, mounds of snow, people freezing and doing their job by taking their dogs for a walk. Have you seen the liquor bottes and wine bottles and disgusting garbage around? Clothes, towels, plates….I’ve seen it all, so I give the dog owner a little wiggle room.

  3. I agree the trash is disgusting and as the snow melts more garbage seems to appear. Under all those huge mounds of snow were at least 3 pick up days of trash that was never collected, I have never seen it this bad in all the years of living here. I used to think street clean was a pain haviing to move my car now it can’t come soon enough. Trash bags ripped open with all kinds of nasty stuff on the sidewalks including food among other things. We are just fortunate that the weather has been so cold or the rodents would be all over the place. As far as the dog owners go, what and why pick up after your dog only to tie the little bag up and leave it on the sidewalk? That is not a “snow issue” that seems to happen year round Another thing too was the fact that during the time of the blizzards and no trash collection was that monthly period of time when people move (usually the last trash pick up day of the month or the first one of the following month. That is probably why there are so many house hold items like plates, towels, lamps ect.

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