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NEMPAC Spring Classes – A Place Where Children Blossom

Spring is the season of blossoming and our classes provide your children an opportunity to do just that with talented professionals who are dedicated to the musical growth of their students. We have many class offerings this spring to appeal to many interests. A few of our favorite classes include Kids Music Theatre, Family Music Makers, Yoga, and Drum & Sing. Our spring class sessions run April 6th to June 21st. Registration for new students is open until April 2nd.

The theme of the Kids Music Theatre Troupe this spring is “Explorations of Peter Pan Characters through Song, Dance, and Storytelling!” Students participate in fun, process-NEMPAC Children's Music Theatre Troupe - Honk Jroriented activities with a trained instructor who is a teaching artist, actor, dancer and professional singer from the Boston area. They explore all the elements of music theatre, including singing, dancing, bodily awareness, character play and creation, and beginning stage etiquette. At the conclusion of the class session, we have an invited Share Day for family and friends! Kids participating in this class are invited to attend one of the performances of Peter Pan JR the Musical being presented by NEMPAC’s Intermediate and Advanced Troupe on May 14th and 16th!

The Kids Music Theatre Troupe is an experience where students gain a new-found appreciation for the stage and we hope they will be inspired to expand their experience by enrolling in our Intermediate Troupe Production Program next year!

Family Music Makers is a musical experience the whole family can enjoy! For over 10 years Family Music Makers has been delivering quality music classes throughout the Boston area. Our unique repertoire is a fun, engaging, and educational experience that is geared toward children 6 months to 5 years old. It incorporates singing, dancing, instrumental jam sessions and more!

NEMPAC’s Yoga class combines traditional yoga poses with Qi Gong movement exercises, music, art and healthy lifestyle information. It is dedicated to providing not only an exercise class, but also a wellness experience that will last a lifetime!

Our Drum & Sing class is designed to introduce young children to rhythm, instruments, and singing! Children participate in a wide array of interactive songs, dances, and games designed to improve their breathing, listening and motor skills and to show them how to keep a beat and appropriately play a number of musical instruments.

There is much more on our website ( Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have > 617-227-2270.