Event Notices

Wharf District Council Hears from Boston Police, Greenway, Kane’s Donuts, Ginger Man, Nix’s Mate

Wharf District Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Custom House, 1st Floor, Liberty Room 

The meeting covered the following:

  • Boston Police Department Officer Ted Boyle updated the Council on police activity in the Wharf District. Highlights included: two assaults after the Patriots Parade, excessive drinking was involved and a car break-in with expensive clothing stolen in a garage.
  • The Central Artery Ramp Parcel Study was discussed. Comment letters are due on February 20, 2015. Michael Nichols and Laura Jasinski from the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy discussed the Conservancy position and their letter on the Ramp Parcel Study. Covering the ramps is a “Big Dig” obligation. They asked the WDC for a letter of support on their position of encouraging ramp cover designs that create open space.   The Council voted to send a letter to MassDOT supporting the Conservancy’s opinions.
  • Discussion on the effect of the snow storms on the Wharf District Neighborhood. All agree more needed to be done to keep the crosswalks and corner snow free and slush free.
  • Following establishments requested letters of support from the Wharf District Council:
    • Proposed Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts, to open in International Place. – WDC voted to support.
    • The Ginger Man, 148 State Street, for Common Victualler 7 –day All-Alcoholic Beverages, Andrew Hoenig Manager. 2:00 AM closing. – WDC voted to support.
    • Nix’s Mate at the Hilton Downtown Boston Hotel, 89 Broad Street – WDC agreed not to consider any exceptions to the three month probation period letter that was sent in January 2015.

The Wharf District Council, with representatives from condominium residences, non-profit institutions and businesses, serves as the voice of the Wharf District community. From Long Wharf to Atlantic Wharf and from Boston Harbor to Post Office Square, our mission is to ensure that the neighborhood is represented in all matters related to planning, development, transportation and our quality of life.