The Weekender: Parking Spot Wars, Fire Damage Collection, Sledding Fun and a Sunken Ship

The same story, different day. Snow is falling with blizzard like conditions, as if we have a place to put it. Despite it being Valentine’s Day, many may be staying home for a candlelight dinner due to the weather that is not loved by residents these days. 

Top Posts This Week:

Parking Spot Valentine – It’s Getting Nasty Out There

As if the last few weeks were not action packed enough between the mountains of snow, removal teams and units working around the clock to clear streets and sidewalks, and the relentless amount of snow that continues to fall. The frustrating amount of snow has gotten the best of some people, who were not exactly “spreading the love” this week. If you are comfortable seeing offensive language, you will not want to miss this story, view the post.

Rescuing “Captain Bob” – The Rising from Boston Harbor

Captain Bob, a vessel at the Union Wharf Marina was taking on water after the unusual amount of winter weather over the past several weeks. After taking on water Monday afternoon, the boat succumbed to the harbor overnight and oil cleanup services were on the scene. View the post.

Helping Joe at the Post Office After Home Fire

Cards and or contributions are being accepted at the Hanover Street U.S. Post Office for Joe Aleo who has worked at the North End location for many years. Repairs are underway at his apartment which was damaged from fire and water.  Friends and colleagues are reaching out to the community to anyone who might want to help. Read the article for more details on how you can make a difference.

Sledding on Margaret Street, Photo by Matt Conti.
Sledding on Margaret Street, Photo by Matt Conti.

Big Snow Brings Mountains and Sledding to North End [Photos & Video]

Remember when the snow fall was fun? It has gotten to the point where people feel permanently snowed in, the MBTA is pushed to the breaking point, icicles are threatening to fall, pipes are freezing, the list goes on. On the bright side of things, some are utilizing the snow for some old fashion winter fun, sledding around and passing the time to weather the storm. View the Post.

Notable News: Greenway Development, Boston’s Top Pizza, First Olympic Meeting, Mayor of London

There is no easier way to keep up with local news from alternate sources than the Notable News post. Many already know how good the pizza is in the North End, but how does it stack to the rest of the city? Also check out some stories on building developments, olympic planning and more, read here.

Editor’s Pick:

Residents’ Association (NEWRA) Announcements and Committee Reports [Video]

Get your community meeting fix with the latest announcements from the NEWRA, the local residents group. From parks and hotels to restaurant names, there is a little bit of everything here.  Watch the video.