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Notable News: Sons of Liberty, Parking Permits, Olympic Renderings, Home-Rentals

Has Winter Storm Juno got you snowed in? If you are cooped up inside during #snowmageddon take a minute to catch up on the articles being written about the North End / Waterfront. We scan all types of news sources to bring you online newspaper articles, blog posts, travel journals and more!

‘Sons of Liberty’ casts patriots as radicals

Sons of Liberty, a three-part miniseries on the History network shows these founding fathers in their mischievous light. While sipping a beer at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston’s North End, a common meeting place for the revolutionaries, cast member Michael Raymond-James, explains how Revere did more than take his famous ride. View more at, The Columbus Dispatch.

ARAM BOGHOSIAN FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE The city currently offers residents a free parking pass for every vehicle they own, despite a limited number of spots. Pictured: Cars parked on Rutland Square in Boston.
Photo Courtesy of Aram Boghosian, The Boston Globe

Boston vows to review process for parking permits

After finding that more than 300 residences have five parking permits or more, Boston’s new transportation chief is planning on taking a close look at the city’s parking rules. Unlike many other major cities, Boston offers residents a free parking pass for every vehicle they own, despite a limited number of spots. Read the article at,  The Boston Globe.

Boston eyes home-rental rules

Seeking regulations for home-sharing networks such as Aribnb has been a primary concern for local residents and officials from downtown Boston. State Rep Aaron Michlewitz has filed a bill that aims to, “create a safe and secure environment while allowing these operations to continue to thrive.” Read details on the $500,000 in liability insurance, the 5 percent tax that would go toward funding tourism and more at, The Boston Herald.

BOSTON 2024 Conceptual drawing of the Olympic Stadium at Widett Circle.
Conceptual drawing of the Olympic Stadium at Widett Circle, courtesy of Boston 2024, The Boston Globe

Boston lawmakers elevate concerns over Olympic costs

As the chances for Boston to host the 2024 Olympic Games increase, so does the concerns for the cost of the games. Legislators on Beacon Hill are worried that the cost for the Commonwealth could exceed $5 billion,“It’s pretty clear that, whatever it is, it’s going to be a significant chunk of change coming from the Commonwealth, and that’s something we’re going to have to delve into,” said State Rep Aaron Michlewitz. Read the story at, The Boston Globe.

On that subject, also read:

(012115 Boston, Ma) A rendering showing the proposed Olympic Boulavard for the Boston2024 Olympics. Courtesy of Northwind Strategies
A rendering showing the proposed Olympic Boulavard for the Boston2024 Olympics. Courtesy of Northwind Strategies, the Boston Herald 

Organizers lift veil on some 2024 bid details

Boston 2024 officials released 350 pages of information on the proposal with a projected budget of $4.7 billion. With plans for Athletes’ Village to be at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus and aiming for these olympics to be “walkable games” with 28 of 33 venues within a six-mile radius divided between the waterfront around South Boston and Dorchester and universities along the Charles River. Read the article at, The Boston Herald.

NFL: no conclusion on Pats’ deflated footballs

Leading into Super Bowl weekend, the ongoing deflate-gate continues to be the primary topic of discussion. Despite there not being and conclusions, there are “Deflate-gate” cookies for sale at Boston Common Coffee in Boston’s North End neighborhood. View the post at, KOIN6.

Treasurer warns of tapping state savings

Deb Goldberg’s family founded the Stop & Shop supermarket chain, building the company from a grocery in Boston’s North End neighborhood into a $1.2 billion company with 50,000 employees. Goldberg, a Democrat and the new Treasurer of the Commonwealth shares the same vision for fiscal responsibility with Republican Governor Charlie Baker. Treasurer Goldberg is committed to not spending the $1.2 billion balance in the state rainy day fund. Continue reading at the Gloucester Times.

A View Of Boston From 30,000 Feet

A student from St. Paul, Minnesota, who has been living and studying in Boston for the past year in a half cant escape the thoughts of the city, even on his flight home. As he looks down from the plane over Boston, he can not help but crave a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in the North End, read the city themes that stick, even 30,000 feet above. Read the post at, The Heights.

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