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Notable News: Paul Revere House in 3D, “Spite House,” Jennifer Lawrence and Living Green

When it comes to articles this week, it’s all about quality, not quantity. From the work at Harvard’s School of Public Health to the lighter side with Jennifer Lawrence’s skipping of the Golden Globes to dine in the neighborhood. Under the category of “Nothing New” we find micro apartments are trending and a 3D scan of the Paul Revere House helps keep authenticity. Be sure to take a look!

Living green

Anthony Cortese sits in his office on the Boston Harbor, complete with the window view and smell of the ocean. Many would gaze at the scene out of his window, but for Cortese who grew up in the North End, he remembers a time when the Boston Harbor wasn’t so picturesque. Throughout his childhood in the 1950s and ’60s, read about how very few people lingered around the shoreline. See the story at Harvard School of Public Health.

Jennifer Lawrence skips the Golden Globe awards and stops in the North End for dinner at Bricco. Photo courtesy of BostInno.

Jennifer Lawrence Skipped the Golden Globes to Dine at Bricco North End

As fans across the world watched the Golden Globe awards last Sunday, eyeing the red carpet event, fine fashions and the celebrity buzz. Jennifer Lawrence, an award show favorite known for her outlandish incidents, was not on the scene. Turns out, she was busy eating dinner at Bricco’s, where she ordered the branzino and was “down to earth and nice to the staff.” See the story at, BostInno.

10-Year-Old Shames the Globe into Updating Its Database of Murder Victims

This story has rapidly spread to a lot of people who wonder how this young kid muscled the Boston Globe into cleaning up their murder database. It turns out that the 10-year-old who got the job done is a girl named Cecelia Fuller who lives in the North End of Boston and, “understood the problem better than anyone at seemed to.” Boston Magazine has the story.

Living Large in a Small House

The idea of micro homes is making its way from the woods to urban environments. Micro apartments have been getting frequent in Cambridge and Boston, they aim to keep cost low and utlize every square foot of space. This is nothing new to the many who know about the skinniest house on Hull Street in Boston’s North End. You may have seen the house, but do you know the back story to the “Spite House?” You will not want to miss this video, watch at WCVB.

3D print of the Paul Revere House. Courtesy of Feldman Land Surveyors, read the article at

3D Laser Technology Recreates Historic Homes

Although 3D model scans is a relatively new technology that can cost anywhere betwen $5,000 to $7,000, Feldman Land Surveyors usually gives one or two free scans per year to historic homes. One of the historic homes that is taking advantage of this opportunity is the Paul Revere House in the North End, who has already used their 3D model to do renovations on the house, keeping it as authentic as possible. Read the story at,

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