Baseball 2015 – It Has Begun

Even though it doesn’t feel like it baseball is right around the corner. We have opened our website for registration ( We will be running the same program as last year. Baseball will be available for all children ages 4 to 21. Age is determined as of 4/30/15. If you are ages 4 thru 12 the registration fee will remain the same at $35. If you are age 13 or over the fee will also remain the same at $50. Here is a brief outline of our program:

Ages 4-5 play in our T-Ball League. T-Ball takes place Saturdays at 10am. It runs from around the middle of April til the middle of June (weather permitting). It’s a great way to introduce your child to the game of baseball.

Ages 6-8 play in our Minor League. Minors take place Mon-Fri with an occasional Saturday game for opening day and closing day. Games start at 5:30 and your child typically plays two games per week. Last year we had 5 teams in this league. It is a coaches pitched league where we teach the fundamentals, good sportsmanship and how to have fun playing baseball.

Ages 9-12 play in our Major League. Majors take place Mon-Sat with weekday games starting at 5:30 and Sat 1:30 and 3:30. Last year we combined with Hillhouse to form a 7 team league. I’m hoping to do that again but not sure yet as HH has had a change in the person who runs their program. This is a competitive league that still emphasizes learning and fun but where winning also begins to become part of the equation. If you play in this league you are eligible to play on our numerous all-star teams and leagues. Our Majors program runs from April thru June with a month long clinic happening in April to help all the players get ready for the season. If you get selected for our all-star teams you end up playing baseball into August.

Ages 13-21 play in our Dodger program. This is high level, competitive baseball designed to prepare your child to play at the high school and college level. The Dodgers play in three leagues; Lou Tompkins All-Stars, RBI (sponsored by the red sox) and the BASE league. This is excellent baseball with the emphasis being on winning and training our players to be the best they can be. In this age group the Dodgers have a 13-15 year old team that plays in RBI, a 15-16 year old team that plays in Tompkins, a 20 and Under team that plays in BASE and a 21 and Under team that plays in Tompkins. We also have the option of having a 13-14 year old team to play in Tompkins if we get enough interest.

So there is your baseball program in a nutshell. If you have any question feel free to email me individually. The program is great and with AAU programs charging 2-3k per child you really can’t beat our price. The NEAA subsidizes any cost our registration fee doesn’t cover and we also get generous donations from our supporters. So go to the site and sign up today!

Ralph J Martignetti
Commissioner NEAA Baseball