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Anthony Gaeta Receives Good Neighbor Recognition Award

The Good Neighbor Recognition Award for December 2014 was presented to longtime resident Anthony Gaeta. The award was presented by NEWRA Recognition Committee Chair Janet Gilardi on behalf of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).

“He has been living at the corner of Fulton and Richmond Street for 40 + Years,” Janet said, “and has always kept his large area around his property spotlessly cleaned and well shoveled. Thank you Anthony for being a neighborhood asset!”

The monthly award is voted by NEWRA’s Executive Committee and given to local businesses, organizations and property owners that consistently keep the areas around their property clean of trash and debris.

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2 Replies to “Anthony Gaeta Receives Good Neighbor Recognition Award

  1. It was always that way in the old days. You would see people sweeping and sometimes washing the sidewalk in front of their homes. Also remember living at 408 Hanover street and washing the stairs with a scrub brush. It was just done ,and not told by the landlord to do it. Congrats Anthony

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