Top @NorthEndBoston Tweets: Trash Day Banana, Lobster Tail, What Happened to the Converse Sign?

This week in the Twitter world brought some unusual characters, like a giant stuffed banana clown, and why the Converse Sign reads “OVRE?” I bet nobody from the Boston Caucus of 1775 ever thought they would be on Twitter, let alone know what it is. There were the usual twitter posts about food and desert in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, every week we will be monitoring influential tweets related to the neighborhood, from #NorthEnd #NorthEndBoston, #BosWaterfront to #BostonWaterfront. The top five tweets are chosen based on the relevance of the news, interesting photo, celebrity status, or simply due to high popularity of the tweet. The best way to get our attention is to tag @NorthEndBoston

With stiff competition this week, here are the Top 4 North End / Waterfront Tweets: