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Cartoon Throwback: Boston Parking Problems [Part 3]

Featured in Part 3, the final cartoon throwback of our series, is the Prized Cartoon that took first place in the contest by Our Boston Magazine. Published in the August, 1926 issue, the cartoon speaks to a lot of similar issues that North Enders face with parking today, almost 100 years later. Traffic, street closings, narrow one-way streets, sporadic construction, and street cleaning, are among the few reasons why parking is an ongoing issue in the North End neighborhood. What many may not know is that this issue with parking is not a new development. In fact, this has been a problem in the city of Boston for almost one hundred years. In 1926, Our Boston Magazine hosted a cartoon competition to portray the problems or adventures of parking an automobile in the city of Boston. Featuring a $10.00 reward for the winning cartoon! The winning cartoon was to be decided by the opinion of an appointed committee, with the cartoons being drawn in black ink on white paper or cardboard.


We offer this post in memory of Anne M. Pistorio who helped research this series at the Boston Public Library.

Single, James L. “Boston’s Parking Problem.” Our Boston Aug. 1926: n. pag. Print.

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