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Public Safety Neighborhood Walk With Boston Police

A late night public safety neighborhood walk around was held on Thursday night into early Friday morning, led by Boston Police District A-1 Captain Kenneth Fong and Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee Chair David Marx. Also joining the walk were Sergeant James Chin, Officer Jenna Cullity and Officer Teddy Boyle as well as North End Neighborhood Services Liaison, Nicole Leo, from City Hall. As shown in the above photo, the group met up with the other BPD officers patrolling with the Suffolk University response car.

“We are trying to get out and meet as many residents and business owners as part of these walks, in addition to the regular meetings,” said Captain Fong. The Captain and Sergeant Chin are relatively new to managing District A-1 having taking over in Spring 2014. District A-1 includes the North End / Waterfront as well as Bay Village, Beacon Hill, Chinatown, Financial District, Leather District, West End, Wharf District and Charlestown.

Other than a few inebriated pedestrians, the night itself was relatively quiet. Police stopped at several late night gathering places including Caffe Pompei, Bricco, Artu, Bova’s as well as around the Prado (Paul Revere Mall) and Gassy (DeFilippo Playground). Captain Fong noted that the North End is one of the few Boston neighborhoods with an assigned officer walking the streets in the overnight hours.

BPD management are emphasizing arrests which are up significantly in District A-1. The strategy shift is an effort to bring more suspects to the station and proactively prevent crime incidents. In addition to identifying those potentially involved with drugs or break-ins, the group also discussed recent enforcement of after hours trespassing in the Gassy and Columbus Park.

Getting a jump on City Hall’s “walk every street” audit, Nicole Leo from the Office of Neighborhood Services investigated several lighting issues. If you know of street lights that are out or need repair, please contact Nicole at or by phone at 617-635-4987.

Another late night walk is expected to be scheduled on a Friday or Saturday night this Fall. In addition, the North End Public Safety meeting is open to the public on the first Thursday of the month, 6:30 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. (See the Events Calendar for specific dates.)

Emergencies and timely issues should be reported to 911. For college student and loud party issues, residents can call the loud party hotline at 617-549-7503. For ongoing issues, the Boston Police District A-1 Community Service Office can be reached at 617-343-4627.

6 Replies to “Public Safety Neighborhood Walk With Boston Police

  1. HI WEN, You are so right. The Madness is always on Frl. & Sat. Nights. I think if they really want.
    to get the full effect of weekend nites, they should we dressed undercover, not in Police Uniforms.
    I feel extremely bad for our Elderly, who have been subjected to this Madness for over 20 years.
    and are so afraid to speak up, one of which who attended the June Safety Meeting. One
    policeman on foot is not going to cure this problem, we have over 100 establishments in this very.
    small area and Far too Many Neighborhood Parties going on. One would have to be completely.
    out of their Mind to think one COP is going to control what is going on in this Neighborhood.
    I think if we have a shortage of Boston Police, we have to get State Police involved. This may
    take a Miracle, but I believe where there is a will there is ALWAYS A WAY.

  2. Let’s see….5 cops, four civilians along with another guy who just happened to be walking by with a lobster tail. If you want to call this a “safety walk”, be my guest but may I add….a very expensive safety walk with 5 police officers on the clock and four guests out for a night’s stroll. File this one under “just who is kidding who”?

  3. David Marx thanks for taking time out of your personal schedule to help make our neighborhood the best neighborhood in the “world”. Its extremely difficult balancing the needs of all the constituencies in our neighborhood. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Your a great neighbor and great advocate for the North End. Thanks Again!

  4. Wow, seems like you can’t win here! How about, “great, finally some progress?” How about spreading the word so the next “walk” can be more successful. Talk about nay-sayers! Lived down the NE all my life and was on the Neighborhood council, everyone loves to complain but don’t want to be proactive. And BTW, Thursday nights are a huge drinking night for college students and young people in general.

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