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North End Author Launches Book Publishing Campaign

North End resident, Tommye-K. Mayer has launched a crowd funding campaign to reclaim her book after the death of her publisher. Here is the story from the author.

In 1996, publishers told me that “One-Handed” was really well written, really well-organized, & a really important book, BUT marketing couldn’t figure out where bookstores would shelve my step-by-step guide to managing single-handedly.

So I used my own admittedly scarce resources to establish Prince Gallison Press & publish it myself–layout, cover design, marketing and fulfillment–for 15 years when, like manna from heaven a health & wellness publisher I’d met early in this publishing career approached me about taking on “One-Handed & putting out a new 4th edition.

I’m a much better writer than publisher.

Everything looked excellent.  My research showed DiaMedica as a substantial house with twenty titles, revenues and employees.  Only when Dr. Schneider died did I discover DiaMedica was she alone, supported by freelancers and without a succession plan…

Having lost thousands of dollars in this sad experience, I need your help to publish the 4th edition as a Prince Gallison title, as a lay-flat soft cover book and as an eBook (fulfilling another unfulfilled DiaMedica promise–she promised to sell thousands of copies.

Tommye-K. Mayer

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  1. I suggest using for self-publishing. They are efficient and honest and not expensive. I published with them for my novel “Jumpin’ Jimminy — A World War II Baseball Saga — American Flyboys and Japanese Submariners Battle it out in a Swedish World Series.” I keep getting royalties. Go to Good luck.

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