USS Constitution underway in Boston Harbor over Labor Day 2014 weekend. (Photo by Matt Conti)

USS Constitution went underway for a sailing demonstration in Boston Harbor on Friday morning. Old Ironsides fired her traditional 21-gun salute off Fort Independence at Castle Island with the ship’s topsails set as she traversed through the harbor. The demonstration is part of Chief Petty Officer Heritage Week and the last time Constitution will show her sails until 2018 after a multi-year restoration. Her final tour in the harbor (sans sails, that will be put away) will be on October 17th.  HUZZAH!

Old North’s Steve Ayres was onboard(!) and shares these action images.

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  1. I haven’t seen this happen in person since 1976 I think! But TRULY, my heart was there today! Carry on there me Swabbies; AND PROUD you be! <3 BOSTON BRAVE and BOSTON STRONG Forever more, Laddies! 🙂

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