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Lia Tota Steps Down as Longtime Director of ABCD North End / West End Neighborhood Center

Lia Tota is stepping down as Director of the ABCD NE/WE NSC.

After 32 years of service, Lia Tota has announced that she is stepping down as Director of the ABCD North End / West End Neighborhood Service Center. However, she is staying on part-time to focus on the West End neighborhood as a community advocate.

“I jokingly say that I have caught up in age to some of the seniors at the NE/WE NSC, but it is also true!” said Lia Tota in an announcement. “Working part-time will allow me to spend more time with my children and grandchildren and to pursue other interests and activities.  I have enjoyed working at ABCD for the past 32 years and look forward to staying a part of this wonderful organization that does so much to improve the lives of low-income Boston residents.”

Taking over as Director will be Maria Stella Gulla who has been with the ABCD NE/WE NSC since 1996. Gulla grew up in the North End and has lived in Italy as well. “She has many years of experience dealing with the elderly, immigrants, and families.  She also brings expertise in finance, technology, and non-profit management,” said Lia Tota.

The change will be effective on August 29, 2014. The ABCD NE/WE NSC is located at 1 Michelangelo Street in Boston’s North End.