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CASIT’s Summer Immersion Italian Camp: “Un Grande Successo”!

By Michelle Motta Dardeno

On July 18, CASIT concluded the second successful year of its Italian Immersion Summer Camp hosted by the Eliot Innovation School of Boston under the leadership of Maria Gioconda Motta, President of CASIT and Tracey Griffith, Eliot’s Principal.  The camp was open and reached students ages 4-12 wishing to immerse themselves in all things Italian.

The two weeks of Italian immersion were entrenched with music, language and various aspects of Italian culture including the visual arts, gastronomy and traditions.  The academic program was under the direction of Stefano Marchese, talented educator/musician.  His approach was refreshing and innovative, using his love of music to engage the children daily so much so that many students and families request to extend the camp another week!

As in the previous year, guest educators and experts were invited to participate in the camp fun and share their knowledge. The students’ Modigliani-style art lesson by talented artist Nella Lush was unforgettable.  Each child created their own beautiful original painting on canvas to take home.   The students were shown how homemade pasta is made and were taught regional techniques for shaping pasta.  Phil Frattaroli graciously opened his kitchen at Boston’s Ducali Pizzeria to the students to watch pizza being made and his restaurant for them to enjoy the fruits of their labor!  Venetian-themed days included lesson about Antonio Vivaldi, carnevale and Venetian mask making .

Soccer and time on the North End‘s waterfront were daily of the schedule allowing the children to gain skills, sportsmanship and enjoy the glorious sunshine and Boston/Charlestown vistas.  They even got to play bocce in the famed North End bocce courts!

As with every successful endeavor, there are many volunteers, benefactors and supporters to be thanked.  Dr. Connors, Federazione Abbruzzese, P&H Business Solutions, The Giangregorio family, The Saraceni Family, Margaret Annatucci, Amalia Trapella, Marisa Arena Jessica DelloRusso, Nella Lush, Phil Frattaroli, Stefano Salimbeni, Michelle Motta Dardeno, and Stefano Marchese – CASIT is eternally grateful for bringing your talents, treasures and love of all things Italian to the camp this year!

Arriverderci al prossimo anno!!