The Weekender Brings A Throwback to 1933, Wild Storms, and Fireworks

Take a moment to skim through the Weekender and see if there is anything you missed over the last week.  We put together the most popular posts on over the past week for your convenience, allowing you to catch up on the things you may have missed. 

Top Posts This Week:

46 Endicott St in 1933
A photo of Endicott Street in 1933

Neighborhood Photo: 46 Endicott Street in 1933

This weeks neighborhood photo takes us back to a photo of 46 Endicott Street in September of 1933, taken during the depression era, the source of this photo is still unknown. View Post

Video: Sunday Night Fireworks in the North End

What may seem like weeks ago, Independence day was just this past weekend. The weather put some barriers in the way of plans for fireworks, but that didn’t stop North End locals from sparking a community fireworks show on Sunday night. View Post

The West End was Just Like the North End

Continuing on with another throwback photo, this time its the West End neighborhood. A story told straight from the source, as she remembers what the old North End was like. With seven dollar rents per month and a small time neighborhood with, “no fears.”  View Post

Rainbow over Boston after the storm  (Photo by Matt Conti)
Rainbow over Boston after the storm (Photo by Matt Conti)

Wild Storm Causes Tornado Warning in Boston, Leaves Rainbow

A few photos will tell the whole story of the weather transitions last weekend. What appeared to be a vicious storm ended up leaving a glowing sunset with a rainbow over the harbor. View Post

Greenway Farmers Market Now Open For Summer Season

Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. will be the sight of the seasonal farmers market. Located right outside of the Parcel 7 building, stop by for fresh fruits and vegetables, along with sandwiches, seafood, meats and more.  View Post for more details and a list of vendors.

Editor’s Pick:

Week One Under the New Trash Schedule; Tips on Recycling

It has been two Wednesday cycles without trash pickup, the transition has seen its pluses and minuses. Whether it is knowing what to recycle, or what not to recycle, we all are adjusting to the new routine, here are some tips.  View Post

Have a great weekend!