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Notable News: Frattaroli Feature, Harbor Garage Skyline, Calcio, Cruise Nightmare & Skate Park

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Photo courtesy of the Suzanne Kreiter, The Boston Globe
Photo courtesy of the Suzanne Kreiter, The Boston Globe

When family food businesses work

Several of the North End’s Favorite restaurants are a result of the Frattaroli Family. Whether it is Artu, Ducali, Filippo, Lucia, or Ward 8, the Frattarolis run not only family businesses, but restaurant businesses, something that is often “vulnerable to feuds.” Read more at The Boston Globe.

When calcio first came to the North End

A story of sports and immigration clashing as the 1965 immigration law passed and brought many “soccer loving Italians” to the United States. As the popularity of soccer spiked during the 2014 World Cup, see how far its come over the last several decades. Read the story at Bostoniano.

Summer on the Waterfront Events

Dozens of events are featured for this Summer on the Waterfront event profile of North End / Downtown / Boston Harbor Islands week. Covering a wide range of events, from the Madonna Della Cava Feast, the Greenway Open Market, and Greenway Summer Concert series.

Courtesy of Kohn Pedersen, Fox Associates
Courtesy of Kohn Pedersen, Fox Associates

New rendering for waterfront towers is unveiled

The projected look of the proposed $1 Billion harbor tower complex was revealed before a packed room, ready to hear about Boston’s possible angular skyscrapers. The plan features 1.3 million square feet of residential and commercial space, up to 300 hotel rooms, 120 condominiums, offices, retail stores and more. Read more at, The Boston Globe.

St. Leonard’s Pastor Padre: Antonio Nardoianni

Read the challenges St. Leonard’s church faces in the North End neighborhood with the church being under construction, and with the high tourism and such high turnover with residents. Bostoniano has more on this Pastor who is trying to keep things going in an ever-changing environment.

Tourist Nightmare: 163 People Spent the Night on a Whale Watch Boat Stuck off Boston Harbor

A rope from a lobster trap was the cause of an overnight stay on the water for passengers on this Boston Harbor Whale Watch. With no injuries reported, the boat was safely escorted to shore by the Coast Guard. Read the full story at, BostInno.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Bhang, the Boston Globe
Photo courtesy of Ellen Bhang, The Boston Globe

Lower-alcohol wines perfect for the patio

With the summer season upon us, rather than drinking a normal wine which contains about 12-14% alcohol, why not cool it down with a wine that has 11% alcohol? Perfect for your summer patio or roof deck, one of these special wines can be picked up in the North End, at The Wine Bottega. The Boston Globe has more.

All-You-Can-Mangia at Boston’s North End Feasts 2014

Feast season in the North End is not just about the tradition, large crowds, or loud bands, food is one of the most important aspects to the atmosphere. Well, Boston has the food profiled by each specific feast still to come this summer.

Funding will boost new skate park planned for underneath the Zakim Bridge ramps

The State-owned North Point Park along the Charles River will be home to a 40,000 square foot skate park under the ramps of the Zakim Bridge. It received a boost with a $1.5 million contribution from Vans, funding the last of the $3 million Charles River Conservancy project. Continue reading at, the Boston Business Journal.

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