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Shaw’s and Star Market Support ITAM Post 8 at the North End Bocce Courts

At the North End bocce courts, ITAM Post 8 joined with Star Market associates from the Prudential location, Dara Shea, Sal Ghannam, Mike Tirella, Pat Zambito, John Scuccimarra (District Manager of Star Market North) and Victor Passacantilli.

Star Market is coming to town as part of the Boston Garden project and the team is reaching out to various neighborhood groups, most recently to the ITAM Post 8 at the North End bocce courts.

“As part of Shaw’s and Star Market’s longstanding ties to local communities for more than 150 years, the company on May 18th was pleased to make a donation to ITAM Post 8 during their bocce competition at the North End Courts.”

The Friends of The North End along with the Italian American War Veterans Post 8 were gratified to receive Star’s donation to the spring bocce tournament refreshment fund.

“It’s most encouraging for us North Enders to know that Shaws and Star Market has taken an interest in our beloved and historic neighborhood as we continue a tradition that has endured and spanned many generations of Italian-Americans,” said Sam Viscione.

Symbolizing old time stick ball, the following display will be at the new store when it opens. (L-R) Sal Ghannam, Dara Shea, Victor Passacantilli, Sam Viscione (ITAM Post 8), Pat Zambito, John Scuccimarra, Mike Tirella

Photos courtesy of Shaw’s / Star Market.

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