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Mayor Marty Walsh Hosts First Coffee Hour in the North End

It was the Mayor’s annual coffee hour on Monday in the North End and the first one for Marty Walsh. Dozens of neighbors came out on a warm, sunny morning to chat with Mayor Walsh over Dunkin’ coffee and receive a plant from the city’s greenhouses. He was even sporting an “Old North Church” logo tie!

Thanks to Meghan Denenberg, Steve Ayres and Jon Seamans for the photos.


4 Replies to “Mayor Marty Walsh Hosts First Coffee Hour in the North End

  1. I think it was very nice for Marty Walsh to host this coffee at the Waterfront Park, but we have.
    Major Issues here in the North End that are not being addressed. We have people throwing.
    beer bottles off roof tops, Urinating, Defecating, Regurgitating & Fornicating & Trashing our.
    Streets, Abusing the Elder that remain in the North End & have no intention of leaving the area.
    Mayor Menino turned his head the other way and now we were all hoping that Mayor Walsh.
    would step up to the plate and do something about this ungodly behavior. Mayor Walsh’s
    mother called many people in the North End to get votes for her son, and we believed in her.
    and we gave our votes. We need your help, and I know for sure you would not want your.
    mother to have to endure what is going on in the North End.

  2. A visit to the North End of Boston is a very nice gesture by the newly elected Mayor but perhaps he might pay another visit, let’s say after midnight. A nice walk up and down some of the streets might just give him an idea as to why so many residents of this enclave are so upset about the noise and bad behavior of a small percentage of visitors & residents.

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