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New Sequoia Mural Installed on Government Center Garage

Sequoia Mural on Government Center Garage (Photo by Nathan Swain)

North End artist, Nathan Swain, has literally gone over the top with his latest installation, the Sequoia mural. The tallest mural in Boston is located on the side of the Government Center Garage, reaching 120 feet high and painted on a discarded Apple iPad vinyl billboard from Boston Building Wraps. The owner of the garage, HYM Investors sponsored the project on the side of the garage that is the future site of the “One Congress” redevelopment.

The sky high mural is just one of eight that has Nate painted in the last year including the famous dandelions that were previously displayed on Beacon Hill’s Cambridge Street. The murals are always searching for homes and funding, according to the artist, who can be contacted at



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  1. Very cool. We need more real art like this around to liven up dead spots. And who cares what a sequoia tree has to do with Boston? Maybe people here should take a page from some West Coast mentality.

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