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North End Seniors Enjoy Lunch at Antico Forno

On a beautiful sunny April afternoon, Carla Gomes hosted a free luncheon for 65 North End seniors at Antico Forno on Salem Street. In attendance were the North End Younger Seniors Club, Mary Romano and friends, Christine and Joe from Langone Waterman’s, and Emma Shea, Commissioner for Elder Affairs from Mayor Walsh’s office.

The seniors were treated to salad, eggplant parmesan, ziti, seared chicken, and a fabulous dessert pizza. Everyone enjoyed the conversations, fun, the remarkable food and had a fantastic time.

Carla Gomes owner of both Terramia and Antico Forno is a business owner who always gives back to the neighborhood where she grew up. Her generosity is truly overwhelming. The North End is so blessed to have her.

Photos by Debra DeCristoforo

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  1. Carla never forgot where she came from and her generosity to the neighborhood shows that and more,,home is where the heart is! Great job Carla!

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