Nazzaro Students Ace Their Exams

With literally thousands of 6th and 8th graders across the city trying to place the first step of their future on the most solid footing possible, 13 North End/Nazzaro youth hit the equivalent of the academic lottery by gaining entrance into one of the three prestigious public schools in the Boston school system. But unlike the Mass lottery, the fates of these young boys and girls were not left to chance. It wouldn’t be any exaggeration at all to say that they had been stacking the deck in their favor their entire academic lives. After years of homework, MCAS, special projects, classroom participation, summer reading and extra effort in all aspects of their academics they have truly it the lottery. And it is with great pride we congratulate them all on earning one of the most coveted honors a grade school student can earn in the city of Boston. Here’s hoping that in another 4 or 6 years, a similar story will be congratulating them for earning entrance into a 4 year college, maybe even the Ivy League. Don’t bet against it!

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