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Municipal Harbor Planning Framework and Chapter 91 Presented for Downtown Waterfront [Video]

[responsive_youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW_sSjmssXU]

Getting down to what was described as the “meat” of the planning process, the Downtown Waterfront Municipal Harbor Planning Advisory Committee met on April 23, 2014 to review a draft framework for the standards that will be applied to the parcel specific planning process. A video timeline summary is noted below.

00:00 Introduction by Chris Busch, Sr. Waterfront Planner, Boston Redevelopment Authority

02:00 Draft framework for Municipal Harbor Planning Process, incorporating Chapter 91, by Tom Skinner, consultant. The various categories discussed are listed in order of presentation.

  • Geographic Scope
  • Potential Substitute Provisions & Offsets
  • Open Space
  • Height
  • Facilities of Private Tenancy
  • Water Dependent Use Zone

1:28:00 Review of draft Downtown Public Realm & Watersheet Activation Plan by Matthew Littell, utile inc.

1:57:00 Ad-hoc presentation regarding potential Harborwalk concepts by longtime architect Sy Mintz.

Parcel-specific discussions are expected to commence at the next meeting scheduled for May 28, 2014. Prior meeting videos can be viewed on NorthEndWaterfront.com from this page. For prior powerpoint presentations, material from prior meetings, and the draft zoning articles for the Greenway District, see the BRA’s website.