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Who Would Park on a Basketball Court?

Daria asks the question and shares this photo of cars parked on the newly resurfaced court on the Prince Street playground, noting the cars were quickly removed. “I hope, as a community, we are able to keep things looking good. It is a shame to go back to old habits seeing such nice updates were provided to the area,” she adds.


4 Replies to “Who Would Park on a Basketball Court?

    1. I must agree with you Dan! Something must be done! I hope “Daria” took the license plate down and hopefully let’s Carl Ameno (who runs the Nazzaro Center) and they find out who it is. If that person or his/her child/children are members of the Nazzaro, they should be spoken to and make it very clear that they are not to be parking there on the basketball court, under no circumstances! A little common sense and respect never hurt anyone.
      The flats do sound better but it is Lent! 🙂

  1. This new basketball section is now accessible because one of the heavy poles for the chain link fence was destroyed over a weekend a few months back. I am guessing that it is expensive to replace but doing so would prevent people from parking there and damaging the new court.

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