19 Replies to “Dude Looks to Commit Larceny on Charter Street

  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Megan.

    We’ve had our fair share of car breaks over the years. I sure hope that didn’t ultimately happen, here…

    High-end / pricey, personal valuables are often left in cars (especially overnight), usually in plain view and, unsurprisingly, are commonly reported as having been stolen from cars in our neighborhood (as reported by the police at our monthly Public Safety Meetings): laptops, cell phones, jewelry, cameras, etc.

    Please do not leave valuables in your car, especially in plain view. If you need to leave them in your car, especially overnight, place them in the trunk, instead.


    -David Marx-
    NEWNC Public Safety Committee Chairman

  2. The fact that Megan needed to be told to call the police and then actually questioned if she should is alarming. What’s even more shocking is that she called a crime stoppers number first and had to be told in a tweet to dial 911. I know she was trying to to help but for future reference, when you are witnessing a (potential) crime the rule of thumb is dial 911 FIRST- then tweet.

  3. What time was this? And was any car broken into? I saw a very suspicious acting person come from charter, up snow hill, down n Hudson and into second floor of brinks garage at about 8:20 last night. He was crouching low and looking around. I made sure to get a very good look at him with everything that has been going on in the neighborhood. I would hope there is a camera at brinks garage that would have caught him too.

    1. Did he get into Brinks Garage with a card to open the door? (AKA – how did he get in?) I’m totally creeped out at the thought of someone possibly lurking around inside the garage without really having a car or a reason to be in there.

      1. No card, just walked in on the second floor. That door is either broken or doesn’t close like the third floor. I plan to tell Jamie tomorrow. You should too. I’ve heard of cars with change in the console getting broken into in the garage but haven’t seen anything. I agree- I’m worried getting to my car too.

        1. Thanks for letting me know, that’s definitely concerning. I think I’ll go empty the contents in my car, now :). More importantly than loose change being stolen, though, I don’t like the idea of someone lurking in the garage. Creepy. I’m sure Jamie will act on it! He has always been very receptive in the past when I bring random things up!

  4. ummmmm hey dudes, i notified authorities immediately, so slow your roll. Also, based on the number of retweets and this website’s post that my original message garnered, i think sharing the info on twitter is actually a great way to spread the word, and more people were probably made aware than if i only called the cops.

  5. Megan. Your response to the ‘dudes’ is great. Don’t you just love the way people are so critical, without knowing all details? Good work, on all fronts.

  6. Good job Megan I have a lot of friends that park in the Brinks I’ll have to tell just in case their not on comments or twitter Sounds like a Scary Movie I’m not shocked though The world is changing everywhere Thanks for heads up

  7. It looks like a smash and grab. I like to keep a clean car specifically because if this. A lot of times these thieves operate on what they can see and steal quickly. I even throw out old soda and coffee cups so they don’t imagine that I store something in them. They operate fast, won’t spend a lot of time analyzing the possible value of what they see and will move on to the easiest target.

  8. Where are the police officers that are on foot patrol or plain clothed officers that are on foot patrol in this area? We NEED police to patrol ummmm…by foot would be nice the areas of Charter St., Hull St., Snowhill, Henchman, etc. Sorry, but just 1 officer walking up and down Hanover close to the restaurants is not cutting it.

  9. Same guy different day on Hanover early Sunday morning a week earlier doing the same. He is so obvious it’s amazing he’s not caught. Called police. Apparently NG.

  10. Police spend way too much time on Hanover Street, thinking that is where the action is. I would love to see someone patrolling the other ‘hot spots’.

  11. Maria, by reading the posts on this site it appears that everyone with the exception of the BPD is aware of the illegal activities that take place in the gassy & other parts of the neighborhood.The cops on Hanover are just “window dressing”

  12. Walk through the Gassy early morning, the flights ,and you will see a lot of dealings going on. I have seen it – but the cops??? It has been this way for years!

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