Boston Hearings and Public Comments Sought on Casino Proposals [Poll]

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is hosting two public meetings this week in Boston regarding the proposed resort casino developments in Everett (Wynn) and Revere (Mohegan Sun / Suffolk Downs).

We have heard that hundreds of people are expected to testify at these hearings being held at the Boston Convention Center. However, written comments via email can be just as impactful during the current “evaluation process” by the gaming commission.

People may submit written comments at via email. All comments received will be distributed to the Commission for their review. In the body of the email, the Commission requests that you include your town of residence.

The two live hearings are at the Boston Convention Center, 415 Summer Street, Room 104, Boston, MA

  • Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 4:00pm, Mohegan Sun MA proposal
  • Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 4:00pm, Wynn MA LLC proposal

In addition, community members are invited to follow along with live meeting updates by connecting with the Commission on Twitter, @MassGamingComm. More information on the public input process can be found at

Either casino project may have direct and/or indirect impacts on the North End / Waterfront community and we encourage you to submit your input to the email address at the gaming commission.

Please also let us know which proposal you prefer (or neither) in our informal web poll below.

Web polls are not scientific. 

16 Replies to “Boston Hearings and Public Comments Sought on Casino Proposals [Poll]

  1. Marty Walsh is just a sore sport,and a shake down artist,he can’t accept that Boston lost.
    He is asking the gaming commission to do what it cannot do, make Boston a host city. This project is in the Beechmont section of Revere, not East Boston, by law this makes Boston a surrounding community. There was a new election and a new vote, Boston had it’s chance but voting no. If Boston was a host community, they would be forced to vote no, because of their last election. They cannot have it both ways, this one man cannot be permitted to stop this great economic project.we in Revere supported the casino when it was in Boston, and we saved Suffolk Downs.Now Marty Walsh is trying to kill it. Because he gets the Horse crap and we get the casino. The casino is going to help Boston to, the casino will give people one more reason to visit our area.

    1. Ronald Santa Anna, Ive visited the old Vegas the new Vegas,Atlantic City, The two Casino’s in Conn. & The Hard Rock Casinos in Florida & even Biloxi Miss. so I.M obviously not anti casino.Yes a casino will bring more people to your area but what type of people? Your talking about putting a casino in a residential neighborhood that already has traffic problems & will not attract “whales” a term casinos use to describe “high rollers” [people who bet huge sums of money] because a casino cant sell Revere as a resort destination what you will get are the people who can least afford to gamble..The city of Revere or Everett are being given pie in the sky promises by the casino that they wont live up to.Some jobs will be created & the city will get a boost in their economy for a while then small businesses will suffer because the casinos offer free drinks & cheap buffets, the traffic will increase, crime will rise, the value of property will go down. lives & families will be destroyed as people become addicted to the “fun” of going to a casino.The social ills from building a casino in a residential area will far outweigh any benefits.

      1. to michaeld. I agree with your comment. The tragic highway accidents have increased on Routes 390 and 95 — the routes to either Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods. There are plenty of sad situations when people leave their children in cars to gamble — for hours. The crime level has increased.
        People who are attracted to working in casinos pile into the area and live in cramped conditions. I visit CT in the summers and am well aware of the changes that have occurred since the casinos were built. The two casinos are in a rural area — unlike our congested area.

        1. Marisa. I know a thing or two about gambling & I will just leave it at that but I will share one story with you to try & spare someone of a lifetime of addiction.Read the horror story of the Rev Stephen M.Gemme Pastor of St. Bernadette’s Parish & school in Northborough Oct. of last year Rev. Gemme admitted to embezzling over $230.000 from the church & school.What do you think the money went to? You guessed it to feed his gamblind addiction.So if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone.

  2. Who wants to live near a casino? It’s like a bar, great to visit, terrible to live next to.

  3. I love Casinos, Restaurants & all the excitement & glamour that goes along with this, but like
    North End Guy said, who wants to live next to it. The plus side of this, it will bring in a lot of
    jobs & of course, a lot of MONEY, THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. The down side, we can’t handle
    the crime going on in the City now, imagine some individual making a big hit and leaving these
    Casinos with a serious amount of money and some desperate person stocking him and
    possibly killing him to get at his winnings, sounds impossible; I was in Puerto Rico when they
    killed & robbed a guy of $80,000 & shot his wife. All that glitters is not always Gold and the
    Risk is not worth the Reward. I have been to Gulf Stream in Florida and the place is Beautiful,
    and the Police are one of the toughest in the Country, and there is a lot of Security, great to
    visit, but would never want to live next to this place. Where there is Gambling Money, there is
    Crime. People are robbing variety stores, imagine the field day they will have in Casino
    Parking Lots. Las Vegas, an adult Disney Land, the Most Beautiful Hotels I ever saw in my
    life, there have been incidents in Casino Parking Garages where people were beaten, and almost
    left for dead, and they didn’t even have large amounts of money or any great winnings.
    I hope everyone involved weighs the Risks against the Rewards. A lot of crimes are hushed up
    for the sake of Tourism, and only God knows what we don’t know about. Everyone should
    go to a Gambler’s Anonymous Meeting and listen to the horror stories there, all due to
    gambling, it is frightening.

  4. Valid points made by all. A casino in either spot will be close to public transportation and even by foot. This is a bit different than Twin River, Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun where it takes awhile to get to and with a car or bus to get you there. No doubt in my mind that there will be many undesirable elements who will disrupt “safety” for those coming and going. On the flip side, the Mass State Lottery is coming out with a $30 scratch ticket to go with the $1, $2, $5, $10 & $20 along with nightly games and 2 daily games plus 24 hours Keno & Poker games. How many of those in government support this money grabbing enterprise while telling everyone that ” casino gambling is bad for poor people”?

  5. Seriously if you’re going to publicly comment or complain about any topic please make sure you use proper grammar. As a resident of Revere I would like the Mass Gaming Commission to award the contract to Mohegan Sun. If you don’t live in Revere or near it, you should stay out of the debate because it doesn’t concern you.

    1. Susan, you missed a couple of punctuation marks yourself, haha. I agree that the casino should go to Revere but for heaven’s sake, don’t tell people to stay out of the debate because I don’t think the casino can survive on just people who live in Revere. There are those in the city of Boston who will do anything they can to disrupt and delay the building of a casino complex. I hear the same type of reasoning that was used when Prohibition was enacted and we all know what came of that “great experiment”.

      1. Anyone who thinks that a casino site in either Everett or Revere will only impact the people in those communities is an idiot & anyone who thinks that a % of the people who will go to the casino wont become addicted to gambling is a bigger idiot!

      2. Jaygee, I would love for you to point out my grammatical mistakes since you’re such a genius! I don’t see the argument that people will get addicted to gambling because those same people are the ones that drive to Connecticut, Rhode Island or fly off to Vegas to gamble. People are addicted to gambling, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping. food etc….the list goes on and on. I just don’t see the argument against the Casino especially if you DON’T live in the communities in which there will be an impact. Mind your business and stay out of the argument!

        1. Susan ,how can you possibly tell someone who is giving their opinion on an issue to mind their business? That’s what this forum is for.You don’t see how people will get addicted to gambling? I will tell you how a Casino will expose gambling to the people who don’t go to the Connecticut casino’s.

          1. Who are you Michaeld to engage in a game of name calling? Are we in elementary school or are we adults engaged in a thought provoking and intelligent exchange?

  6. Jaygee, Were all educated on the perils of alcohol, tobacco & drugs but gambling addiction is the purest addiction because unlike the others you don’t have to ingest anything into your system. In fact gambling is encouraged.The Ma lottery commission spends millions to promote their lottery & boasts of having the most successful lottery in the country yet MA spends the least on treatment for the people that their lottery has addicted.Look at those small neighborhood stores in the inner city & poorer parts of the city, there nothing but legal bookie parlors.The state lottery takes in blood money from people on fixed incomes & seniors on social security & even people reciveing public assistance& those are he people who will frequent a casino

  7. The developers of casinos in urban areas (such as the North Shore casino proposals) seem to act like they are the saviours of the local communities: preaching the virtues of all of the jobs said casinos will bring, the casinos’ amenities, how the casinos will become desired destinations, etc.

    Meanwhile, they are not the ones that have to deal with the negative quality of life issues such casinos bring with them.

    We are.

    The bad, here, outweighs any good said casinos could possibly bring to our local communities, as specifically described by the other commenters, here.

    -David Marx-
    NEWNC Public Safety Committee Chair

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